Better Integration with Teams
By Alvin Hernandez in Blog Blog | 4 minute read
Better Integration with Teams

Will telecommuting remain part of our lives when the current health crisis is over? Every forecast and every study right now say yes. The world of business will be changed forever and, more notably, the HR departments all over the world will have to adapt.

The way your staff members interact with each other will be fundamentally different for the foreseeable future. We’ve been talking about the need for integrated systems and centralized team communication for years now.

We’ve always thought that both these things are very important even in a “normal” business environment. Now, when remote work is the new normal, they have become crucial.

So we’re excited to introduce a new feature, available for FREE with all SyncApps by Cazoomi plans by the end of 2020: Teams

Don’t see it in your account? Drop our support team a line and we’ll get you set up ASAP, whether you’re on a free or paid plan!

Why Do I Need Teams?

Why do I need Teams?

Teams are the seamless way to keep all your staffers informed and connected, no matter where they are. Whether they work in the office next to the manager’s or across the world, Teams offers unparalleled access to all the company’s crucial data to selected members of your staff.

The Unlimited Team Members feature (available in the Pro and Enterprise Plans at NO additional cost) & now available for FREE with all plans by the end of 2020 is the perfect way to ensure that:

Add New Team Member
All your campaigns are launched on time

Add New team Member
Every business decision is made in an informed, data-backed manner

add new team Member
All the members of your team have access to the same data at the same time — no more relying on emailing or chat programs to convey time-sensitive information

Better insights: your company already had access to insights across your mission-critical solutions. Now every member of every department can use them to improve business and marketing operations.

Excellent control: YOU decide who has access to what data and reports. Privileges are different for every member level and you can always give or rescind viewing and editing permissions.

Enterprise-level safety and security: we know that your data is crucial to your business and that it needs to be protected 24/7. This is why every SyncApps solution is GDPR and CCPA compliant. See more on these topics here


Let’s take a more applied look at how Teams works within the SyncApps ecosystem:

What Can I Do with Teams?

The Teams feature allows the integration administrator and their team members to monitor integrations as they run. The feature is also a great way to synchronize all of your team actions and tasks so that everyone’s on the same page.

Your team will have access to the following features:

Each member can create Sync Profiles and configure each profile as needed.

They can also monitor, edit, or update Sync Profiles – even ones they didn’t create – as long as they have Team Member access.

They’ll be able to view and download integration reports.

Team members have access to our 24/7 Support Team for any issues and concerns that may come up during Sync Profile setup and sync processes.

More Role-based features coming in the coming months!

How Can I Add Team Members

The Team Member’s features are available during the Free Trial period and on Paid Plans.

Adding and removing Team members is super easy. Just check out the steps below. And if you need help with any of them, we’re here for you 24/7!

  • Go to My Team page.
  • Tap Add New Team member.


  • In the Add Team Member page, fill out the form and tap Add New Member.

  • The password will be sent to the email you provided upon setup.

Add user email notification

  • You can now successfully add your other team members.

More on Teams and How to Make the Most of it:

Our Help Center is constantly updated with new articles on Teams and our other solutions and features. Everything is intuitive and user-friendly — a plug and play solution that you can leverage almost instantly. 

Take a look at the articles below to get started with Teams and don’t forget we’re just a chat window away if you need any help.

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