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Capture your Email Campaigns Back into Salesforce for Compliance, Sales, and Operations
  • June 07, 2020|
  • 3 minute read
Capture your Email Campaigns Back into Salesforce for Compliance, Sales, and Operations

All over the world, there are some industries that are regulated more heavily than others. Why? Because they are involved in some of the most sensitive areas of people’s lives.

And when we say ‘sensitive’, we typically refer to our most cherished values: freedom, finances, and health.

Google has a pretty neat way of referring to these things. Of course, the search engine scrutinizes the pages associated with these areas closer than the rest. And they call them ‘YMYL pages’, where YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life.

Briefly put, if a certain industry can affect your life in a major way, it’s sensitive and it needs to be regulated. This means that these industries can’t advertise or communicate as freely as others.

In a way, it seems unfair. But, if we’re honest about it, choosing the wrong type of fabric softener won’t affect you the same way as choosing the wrong lawyer.

These industries are:

Each of them can have a major impact on their stakeholders’ lives, so they are heavily regulated. If you’re in one of these industries, you know that even sending an email campaign entails a lot of jumping through hoops.

Records have to be kept and unsubscribes have to be honored in a timely manner — and these are just the two ‘basic’ things required for compliance.

This jumping through hoops is what makes most companies in these industries choose Salesforce as the brain of their operations. The tech giant announced compliance measures and features years ago.

Granted, no CRM can do everything alone. The companies themselves have to act responsibly in all their communication and marketing campaigns.

But here’s the problem: good intentions aren’t enough. A lot of our subscribers come from these three industries so we know firsthand how tough it is for them to keep up with compliance requirements.

Salesforce features help a lot but they’re not enough. Especially when Salesforce is not the only tool in your marketing toolbox.

When you integrate a marketing automation platform with Salesforce, compliance becomes a jumble of features and crossed-wires.

Bringing back the HTML campaign into Salesforce files is a requirement for many legal, nonprofit, or financial organizations. But it’s rather difficult to do it on your own.

This is where we come in.

Need to capture HTML emails for both Salesforce Classic and Lighting users in your organization?

SyncApps supports both Classic and Lighting users for you to bring back the HTML emails to the Campaign Notes & Attachments (Files) area.

And all this is super-easy to implement! This is actually one of the biggest reasons why so many legal, nonprofit, and financial organizations use Salesforce through SyncApps by Cazoomi.

Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps:

Files instead of Attachments

  • On Step 1 on your Sync Profile, just tap the “Files instead of Attachments” Feature.

Checkbox Use Saleforce Files

  • Also, enable your Salesforce organization feature.


That’s it! You are now compliant. Plus, your records have never looked prettier or easier to access, right?

Your peers are already leveraging this feature in SyncApps by Cazoomi. Don’t get left behind! You can start using it now 100% FREE. Check out our Salesforce integrations — you don’t need a credit card to sign up and it will ALWAYS be free.

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