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Constant Contact’s API works magic for your customers, prospects, and fans
  • July 30, 2020|
  • 4 minute read

Constant Contact's API works magic for your customers, prospects, and fans

Did you know that personalized emails have 6x higher transactional rates? Or that they account for 58% of ALL the revenue? Better yet, personalized email campaigns get a median ROI of 122%.

I could go on and on with these stats but you get the gist. They all say the same thing: personalize your emails or don’t bother.

It’s 2020 and people are way past generic ads. They want personalized recommendations, personalized campaigns, and personalized customer service.

If you come to think of it, it’s not really such a tall order. Today’s technology allows you to personalize almost everything, especially when it comes to email campaigns.

Constant Contact customers have it relatively easy. The API v3 offers new personalization and segmentation opportunities that you really can’t afford to miss!

Luckily, we’ve translated these opportunities into all our Constant Contact integrations, so you can take your segmented targeting to a whole new level. When you can pull insights from Constant Contact AND another marketing solution like Salesforce or a CRM, you can really deliver those personalized experiences that your customers are craving.

Did you see our Basic Plan for Constant Contact integrations? It’s incredibly affordable and it’s the ideal tool to put you on the road to that 100%+ ROI!

But before we dig into how Constant Contact’s v3 API can work wonders for your bottom line, let’s take a look at how you can leverage personalization and segmentation across industries.

Inspiration provided by the SyncApps by Cazoomi amazing subscribers who really know how to leverage iPaaS for personalization. Here are some real-life examples:

  • Automotive: car manufacturers are dependent upon the reliability of their cars. Why not send your email reminders for when your clients’ yearly checkup or maintenance work is due?
  • eCommerce: the world is your oyster here. You’ve got countless options. Our clients rave about: abandoned cart reminders, personalized product recommendations, loyalty programs and rewards, and personalized discounts based on previous buying behavior.
  • Pets: ever sent an email campaign advertising discount for dog treats to someone who only bought cat food from you recently? Our subscribers never do that because they can easily set up personalized campaigns.
  • Legal: can you imagine what sending a promotional email for a divorce attorney’s services to the WRONG recipient might entail? Yikes! I hope you’re lawyered up because that’s bound to end up in a costly lawsuit.
  • Nonprofits: keeping track of donors, stakeholders, and influencers that can help your cause already feels like walking on thin ice. Every one of these persons might withdraw support at a moment’s notice. That’s why it’s crucial to never send them emails about causes they don’t care about.

I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now: all industries live and die by the personalization they are able to deliver.

If you are a Constant Contact subscriber, you can easily personalize your emails through the NOW 25 custom fields from your eCommerce or CRM templates in Constant Contact. That’s 25 ways to win the hearts of your customers and prospects!

Need to know what’s under the hood of the v3 API? Read on.

  • Upgrade to v3 API for Constant Contact

The v3 API is a REST-ful API that uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) payloads for all endpoints and methods except for one multipart-form endpoint.

Version 3 API of Constant Contact

  • Upgraded eCommerce Ready Custom Fields

Gone are the days where Constant Contact subscribers are limited to only the 15 Custom Fields allowed on V2 API of Constant Contact.

With the V3 API of Constant Contact out, all features like Email Campaign functionality, supporting their new eCommerce focused 25 custom fields availability, your marketing team will absoutely love the flexibity to capture your subscriber data to and from your eCommerce software or CRM.

Constant Contact Managing Field

  • Improved Security

Constant Contact V3 API has improved their access token and will eliminate basic authentication and using access tokens with a limited lifespan. This exponentially decreases the risk and impact of compromised credentials. Integrations no longer need to ask users for their updated credentials.

  • Autoresponder Messages Feature

In V3 API, properties like birthday and anniversary are supported in the contact object. Those are amazing opportunities for you to boost your sales AND make your clients feel like VIPs at the same time. All with an automated but personalized email.

Autoresponder Messages Feature

How easy is that?

Want to test this new service but you’re not ready to commit? You can do it on our FREE plans, too! You’ll just need one Add-On!

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