Better Email Campaigns through Better Targeting with Klaviyo and NetSuite Integration

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Better Email Campaigns through Better Targeting

Email campaigns are a cheap way of reaching new customers and retaining current ones. And when you integrate state-of-the-art tools like Klaviyo and NetSuite, email also becomes a very effective way to get new customers and enjoy everlasting love from existing ones.

But more on that later.

First things first.

Email campaigns can be a nightmare without proper targeting. A lack of targeting is like going to the forest with all prepared with a bow and arrow. No matter how good your arrows are, can you really expect to hunt anything this way?

Email targeting can have a huge impact on your company’s return on investment.

How, you ask?

It’s quite straightforward really.

Email targeting basically allows you to send the right information to the right people. There’s nothing as powerful as reaching the right audience with the right messages. Once you’ve got this covered, the rest will fall into place easily.

So, how do you make sure your email targeting is spot on?

There are great email service providers whose software comes with extremely useful tools for email targeting. This targeting feature allows you to check your website, tag your email subscribers, and even tackle content customization easily.

Market Integration

The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is data. Data regarding consumers’ browsing behavior, demographics, and buying patterns is invaluable for any email marketer.

Integrating this data is important as it allows you to send customized content in your automated email campaigns.

Data integration is, thus, a powerful tool for email marketing. It allows you to leverage relevant information about your current and potential consumers.

But can you do all this without coding knowledge?

Of course.

By simply integrating Klaviyo with NetSuite.

netsuite to klaviyo

Here’s a quick overview of how your email campaigns can be transformed by integrating NetSuite and Klaviyo:

  • This solution allows you to integrate your contacts, leads, and companies of interest to your Klaviyo list
  • Data synchronization. Any contact changes in NetSuite automatically gets updated in your Klaviyo contact list
  • Custom field mapping in both Klaviyo and NetSuite
  • Connect multiple NetSuite or NetSuite OneWorld instances to multiple Klaviyo accounts and vice versa
  • Manage your Klaviyo campaign responses

It doesn’t end there. There’s more.

You will also be able to build segments and filter email segments. This feature offers much-needed flexibility. With it, you will be able to tackle some of the most difficult activities on a marketer’s agenda:

  • Identifying inactive customers
  • Targeting customers based on schemas such as location, or age
  • Improve customer experience through carefully targeted emails

The key to better targeting is segmenting. This means categorizing your clients according to their similarities. Once you segment your customers, you will be able to email them separately with hyper-rich content.

This is the only way to avoid going viral the wrong way. For example, by sending an offer for auto parts to your client who just purchased a brand-new car in your dealership. It’s been known to happen.

However, with proper data integration, you will be able to send relevant emails to your inactive customers as well. Tailoring your message to the list of your inactive customers is a great strategy to motivate your subscribers to action. Effective targeting is your best bet for reaping profits from email marketing.