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Eventbrite for Salesforce: an Outlook on the Events Industry in 2021 + Tools to Ace Your Events
  • June 19, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

2020 was undoubtedly the year of online events. Eventbrite counted no less than 75M attendees for no less than 1 million events.

With most of the world opening up gradually, you’d think that online events will be a thing of the past soon. But I wouldn’t be so hasty to place a wager on that.

While we all miss in-person events, some people have discovered that the comfort of their own home is second to none. Plus, let’s remember that there are still extra-cautious people who will prefer to stick to the online events for as long as possible.

One last argument before you declare the online event industry a by-gone: even for offline events, the better part of the onboarding happens online. You register and buy your tickets online, and you offer post-event feedback online.

The key to event success in the future? Being able to deal with constantly changing measures, as Eventbrite so aptly put it. And with constantly changing customer needs and expectations, we’d add.

But here’s one change that’s coming and that you should prepare for: in most countries, people are no longer stuck in their homes 90% of the time. So they will be more selective about the online or offline events they participate in.

This is why you need an ironclad strategy to sell your next event, whether it’s online, offline, or hybrid.

Meet the Eventbrite for Salesforce integration that’s about to become the cornerstone of your ironclad strategy. (Bonus: read on to discover integration features for Eventbrite to Salesforce that you won’t find anywhere else!)

Eventbrite for Salesforce

How do you attract attendees to a paid or free event? You start with your existing contacts, of course. If Salesforce is part of your marketing and sales automation suite, then it’s a no-brainer: you have to start by leveraging your contacts and leads there.

Connect Salesforce to Eventbrite and put your event marketing and post-event lead nurturing on auto-pilot!

Syncing Events to your Campaigns is easy as 4 steps. Here’s the detailed guide of Eventbrite for Salesforce: Eventbrite for Salesforce Setup with Features Explained

C2ES is a nonprofit organization on an important mission: fighting climate change. As you can imagine, events are really important for them as they offer a new and highly effective way to connect with their donors.

During the pandemic, in-person events were a no-go, no matter how important your mission was. This is why they have Prolicity — to help them automate their events and sync to a campaign, for easier and more effective sending of campaigns for webinars and other events.

Record Sync

Here are some features that C2ES uses and that you’ll love too:

Sync Eventbrite events to Salesforce
Use Separate Custom Fields for Event Marketing Fields

  • By default, all event fields (Registration Status, Payment Status, Guest Count) are synced to the “Email Events” field.

Map Event Registrant details to Campaign Member Custom Field

  • Event registrant details will be mapped to the Campaign Member Custom Fields.

Map Custom Questions

  • This option will enable your Eventbrite Custom Questions to be synced.
  • Once this option is enabled, Custom Question Fields will be available for mapping in Step 4 under the Events tab.
  • The SyncApps Eventbrite for Salesforce integration is the only one on the market that offers this feature!Don’t have any Eventbrite Custom Questions? See here on how to create yours.See Here

Campaign Record Type Name for Eventbrite Event

  • Please enter an active campaign Record Type Name (not Campaign Type) to be used by SyncApps in campaign object creation.
  • Record Types are supported in the Salesforce Enterprise edition only. Please note that Campaign Record Type is different from Campaign Type.
  • This field is optional. If omitted, the default Record Type will be used.
  • mapped fields to sync from Eventbrite to Salesforce.

  • Enabling this will help you mapped fields to sync from Eventbrite to Salesforce.

Ready to create memorable events in 2021? Sign up for SyncApps and get started!

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