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From Marketer to Marketing Leader — It’s all in the To-Do List
  • April 21, 2019|
  • 4 minute read
From Marketer to Marketing Leader

Digital-marketing is ever changing. There’s no denying this.

As a result, it is easy for a marketer to get lost in the daily tasks of targeting, retargeting, building a brand’s presence, or developing a marketing strategy for a business.

So how can you stay on top of all this?

You could plan your schedule with sticky notes that prioritize urgent tasks. However, you may have learned that the paper approach is not as practical as you would want it to be. Luckily there are great tools online that can help you develop an effective to-do list.

The Basics: The To-Do List   

the basics

A to-do list helps you achieve productivity, be it personal productivity based on your personal goals towards career progress or business goals. This list helps you capture all the ideas in your head and convert them to attainable goals.

What areas do you wish to focus on? Do you want to focus on customer retention, brand marketing, or sales promotion?

With a to-do list, you get to not only identify specific area(s) of focus, but also channel your energy and time to the most productive task(s).

Pro Level: The Automated To-Do List

pro level

Automation is a cost-effective way of ensuring more efficient lead management and the nurturing of critical areas that will boost sales. There is a minimal risk of error with automation.

This is a time-tested truth.

Integrated marketing software makes it more comfortable to manage schedules, which facilitate enhanced productivity. For example, when you sync your Zoho CRM to MailChimp, you get to sync your contacts and target potential clients in a bid to generate leads.

This automation also facilitates integration to CRM records thereby facilitating automatic updates in case of changes, and ease of access of all your campaign respondents.

When you put this task on your automated to-do list, you don’t just get it done faster. You also get extra clarity.

By integrating your mission-critical apps, you gain unparalleled insights into customer behavior and customer needs. All without struggling to do it yourself.

Furthermore, these solutions enable automatic updating of your to-do list in case of any changes or completion of any task in the marketing CRM platform.

Automation is undoubtedly the way to go if you want to be free from performing many mundane tasks, like including a new potential customer to your list, or keeping track of fans and followers on your social media profiles.

A To-Do List for the Marketing Leader

marketing leader

A marketing leader is one who dominates their competitors. As such, the leader can dominate the market and influence consumer loyalty.

Achieving such efficiency requires flawlessness in terms of planning, performance, and strategy. If you wish to progress from a marketer to a marketing leader, automation is your best friend.

Think about it this way: could you imagine a leader in any field that uses outdated technology?

Even if such a unicorn exists, it most certainly doesn’t happen in marketing. By default, a marketer has to keep up with their audience. Which means you can’t be out-teched. Not even by the digital natives of Generation X.

Thus, your to-do list should start with developing an integrated marketing system that helps you manage your schedule. With integration, you will be able to develop daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals on your to-do list with both your short-term and long-term objectives in mind.

An electronic to-do list offers you clarity. You will no longer suffer from the headache of too much work and so little time. Planning is vital for marketing. It allows you to set achievable goals and to prioritize those goals.

Simply put, the automated to-do list makes the journey from marketer to marketing leader an adventurous, stress-free, and worthwhile journey.


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