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How Organizations are Driving Productivity World-Wide Using iPaaS Amidst Global Crisis
  • August 19, 2020|
  • 4 minute read

Productivity is a key growth driver for any business. Organizations globally are constantly pushing productivity across their operations with the sole purpose of being efficient and profitable.

However, a crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic presents a huge challenge to the business world as productivity is bound to be affected to a large extent.

Global Effect on Business Operations

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, businesses were advised to let their workers work from home as a measure to curb the spread of the dreaded virus. But while this action was necessary, the transition presented a myriad of challenges for most companies.

Most business owners were worried about how this new mode of working would affect their employees’ productivity.

Remote working, as cool as it may sound, can be challenging for most people. Despite technical issues, discipline and overwhelm, expectations are the biggest hindrance to productivity.

As a result, business operations are also bound to suffer, especially if different departments are using different software while remote working.

Bridging the Productivity Gap through iPaaS

Luckily, there are customizable solutions that are helping businesses bridge that productivity gap and thereby ensure that their operations continue smoothly throughout a crisis.

In the current climate, highly-digitized businesses need all the support they can get to accelerate their business initiatives such as marketing, sales, support, and finance. All while keeping costs under control.

This is what integration solutions such as iPaaS have been designed to do. iPaaS brings down significantly the cost per integration, improves integration reliability, and increases staff efficiency all this while freeing up resources to drive innovation irrespective of the current pandemic.

This also includes, to a large extent, areas where the loss in productivity could grind business operations to a halt.

Industry-leading integration platforms like SyncApps by Cazoomi represent one such solution that helps to seamlessly integrate different teams or departments so that they are all on one page no matter where they are operating from.

4 effective ways iPaaS is helping companies maintain productivity

1. Speed up Time to Market

With the pandemic presenting new business challenges including a disruption in consumer behavior, companies are rushing to find innovative tactics to deliver their goods and services efficiently.

And with a good chunk of their workforce either laid off or working from home, the coordination between the sales and marketing teams continues to be strained mainly because they’ve been working on separate systems that are not integrated.

Without integration in place, productivity is significantly hampered. This, in turn, has an effect on how fast you are to the market. Consumers value efficiency a great deal – crisis or not.

iPaaS platforms are now increasingly being used by organizations to bridge this gap. Data management becomes so much easier with iPaaS, which improves productivity in the long run.

iPaaS helps to reduce the time and effort needed to move data between different applications.

2. Increase End User Productivity

An analytics community spent 14 percent of their time finding data to complete a given task. That’s too much time that can lower staff productivity and is also not cost-effective.

iPaaS enables users with minimal or no coding expertise the ability to interpret data much faster. This, in turn, improves the teams’ productivity.

3. Increase Integration Reliability

iPaaS also helps integration to be more resilient thus significantly increasing data availability. The ability to streamline with iPaaS can ensure higher data accuracy, making your usual marketing automation, support, or financial solutions more valuable and productive to your business during a crisis.

4. Definable and User-Friendly Software

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, iPaaS shines through the ease of use for the enterprise staff who can oversee the integrations while maintaining performance, power, and capacity at full speed. Yes, even when most of the staff are working from home following the pandemics guidelines.

During a crisis such as the one we are in, companies are now turning to cost-effective and resilient cloud integration solutions to keep their businesses running through increased productivity.

Businesses must showcase their innovativeness, resilience, and survival tactics during a global crisis to adapt quickly and maintain growth. This is where iPaaS comes in handy.

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