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How to Enrich CRM Data and Save Dozens of Hours Each Month
  • April 19, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

What are the metrics that matter most to you? This is a question we’ve been trying to answer ever since we launched SyncApps.

And this is why iPaaS is a work in progress. You constantly learn new things and new ways to answer the questions above. Because markets change, customer demands increase, and our subscribers’ marketing needs to change along with them.

Ask any marketer about the KPIs and the metrics they track religiously in their email campaigns and they will start the list with clicks, opens, and conversions.

And rightfully so! These are the cornerstones of tracking success.

But what about the lack of success?

We believe that it also speaks volumes and that it can help you create better campaigns and serve your customers better.

This is why, at the explicit request of one of our subscribers, we have added a new feature in our Constant Contact integrations.

With Support for Constant Contact’s newest Campaign Metrics, subscribers can now sync new metrics: Sent, Successful Deliveries, Did Not Open, Unsubscribed, and Spam Reports.

Why Should You Track You Less Successful Metrics?

Who wants to go in-depth about their own lack of success? Pretty much no one. If you’ve read carefully thus far, you might have noticed that I went to great lengths to avoid using the most hated f-word. That’s because failure (yes, that’s the f-word I was referring to, sorry to disappoint, but this is a PG blog) is hard.

But it’s also important to analyze.

Why are all the metrics (even the nasty ones) important to salespeople? Here’s’ a quick overview:

  • Successful deliveries
    The number of recipients who didn’t hard or soft bounce on this campaign.
  • Unsubscribed
    The number of recipients who opted out of your emails using the unsubscribe link in this campaign.
  • Successful deliveries
    The number of recipients who didn’t hard or soft bounce on this campaign.
  • Abuse reports
    The number of recipients who reported your email as spam. Contacts who report a campaign as spam are automatically unsubscribed from your emails.
  • Did not open
    The number of people who didn’t even bother opening the email

Some of these are not easy to read. And it’s definitely not easy to hear that your subject line was such a snooze fest that people clicked delete mindlessly.

However, that’s precisely why you shouldn’t ignore the hard-to-swallow pills. Learn from one of our amazing subscribers:

How Atlas SSI Turns “Bad” Metrics into Successful Campaigns

Atlass SSI is a manufacturing company that caters to the construction industry and to hundreds of large companies across the country.

As you can imagine, one single client lost is a rather big deal for them. So they decided to make sure that, if a client or a lead leaves them, they know exactly why that happened and they have insights into how they can fix the situation.

Atlas SSI wanted to track more than their Leads, Opens, and Clicks. They wanted more insights into the people who weren’t interested in their campaigns.

So they asked us:

Can we also sync back the other Campaign metrics from Constant Contact back to Salesforce such as Successful Deliveries, Did Not Open, and Spam Reports?

The SyncApps reply:

Of course, you can! By Syncing your Campaign Response Metrics in Step 1, you just need to enable this feature.

With a single click, you will be able to sync your usual marketing metrics and also sync Sent, Successful Deliveries, Did Not Open, Unsubscribed, and Spam Reports

Image of Salesforce Campaigns for sync Sent, Successful Deliveries, Did Not Open, Unsubscribed, and Spam Reports

Want to learn more about how marketing metrics work? Check out this video:

Atlas SSI now has in-depth insights into what worked and what didn’t in their campaigns. Since they can access all this data in Salesforce, too, their marketing and sales teams can work together to focus on the leads that are ready to convert and to come up with new ways to engage the dormant leads.

Want to leverage the same feature? We’ve got you covered! Start for free here.

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