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How to Keep Your Gym and Studio Clients Coming Back Using Constant Contact
  • September 05, 2020|
  • 5 minute read

Few industries have been hit harder by the pandemic lockdowns than the health and wellness one. Gyms and studios have shut down all over the world, and, in some countries, they are still closed.

Some fitness companies moved their operations online, while others patiently waited (or are still waiting) to open their physical doors. Yet, even in countries where they have reopened, gym-goes are still skeptical about going back.

Some have already bought their own home equipment, and they don’t ever plan to go back to the “classical” gym. Of course, some avid gym-goers do plan to go back as soon as possible.

However, fitness, as we know it, has changed. The Atlantic says it has changed forever. We can’t be sure of that. But we can be sure that it will remain changed for the foreseeable future.

Pivot. Adapt. React. Be proactive. Learn new tricks on the fly. This is the advice most gym or yoga studio owners get nowadays. It’s valid, of course. But what about solutions?

How can you be expected to pivot in the blink of an eye and retain those clients that still need or want your services? Yes, they are now more valuable than ever. But how can you do it?

We have a few ideas! And they are based on tools you probably already use: Mindbody, the industry’s favorite power tool, and Constant Contact.

Plus, we have an inspiring story from one of our subscribers. Learn how they pivoted quickly and resumed operations seamlessly. So don’t change the channel! You’ll learn all that and more after this quick commercial break.

The Mindbody for Constant Contact integration is one of our most sought-after. Why? Because it puts health and wellness marketing on auto-pilot with super-enhanced personalization features. Just what the doctor ordered! Start your free trial here. It’s free; we won’t even ask for your credit card number, so what have you got to lose?

Personalization Is the Key to Health & Wellness Success

No one ever sold anything to a “demographic.” In 2020 and beyond, marketing means real connections with real people.

The COVID-19 pandemic shed even more light on this. You can’t create a newsletter and hit “Send to all” blindly. Client segmentation is more important than ever.

Remember what we said above about some gym-goers waiting anxiously for you to open your physical doors, while others have already decided they won’t be seen there anytime soon?

There are, of course, those on the fence, too. For these and for those loyal customers that do want to come back into the gym, you need dedicated marketing messages.

First and foremost, you need to appease their COVID-induced anxiety. Tell them about the safety measures you have implemented. Tell them how things have changed and go in-depth about the steps you take to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Next, draw them back by appealing to the things they love more about your gym or studio. You can use personalization techniques for both your in-person classes and your online ones. The key is to make sure that you send relevant messages to each of your subscribers.

For instance, don’t send a reminder for CrossFit to someone who prefers Pilates. Make sure you leverage their preferences in your marketing and that you don’t spam them with irrelevant sales pitches.

Everyone is anxious these days, so appease your clients’ anxiety with relevant and timely messages.

Personalization Taken to the Next Level: Mindbody for Constant Contact

You don’t have to email every single one of your subscribers separately. All you have to do is assign Client Indexes to your Mindbody clients to sync to your Marketing Automation.

Field Mapping Client Indexes

Segmentation by Mindbody Client Indexes will allow every client in Mindbody to sync with all field mapping, Client Indexes setup in each Sync Profile integration in Step 4.

Mindbody Client Indexes are a great way to segment your client’s demographics in your marketing automation solution.

Mindbody for Constant Contact Flow

Mindbody for Constant Contact Customer Flow

Major Features:

  • Integrate unlimited Mindbody clients to Constant Contact List(s) with bidirectional data flow and marketing opt-out preferences.
  • Sync Mindbody products, classes, and appointments to Constant Contact in real-time with an easy to use Scheduling feature.
  • Custom Field Mapping between both systems.
  • Integrate Prospects in Mindbody from Constant Contact landing pages.
  • Assign Client Indexes to Mindbody clients over to Constant Contact.
  • Segment Mindbody clients by Classes, Events, Appointments, or Purchased Products. Constant Contact List(s) will be created for each Purchased Product Name, Classes, Events/Workshops, or Appointments.
  • Filter and Segment only those records which meet specific criteria from Mindbody Online.
  • Opt-Outs are managed automatically between Mindbody Online and Constant Contact.
  • Mindbody Online always takes higher precedence over Constant Contact. Any contact changes in Mindbody Online will always be synced to Constant Contact.
  • Contact data is synced from Constant Contact only if the email address doesn’t exist in Mindbody Online at the time of syncing or Update Field Mapping is enabled.

Use Case: Redhead Wellness Sanctuary

Redhead Wellness Sanctuary is an Australian wellness company with a huge email subscriber list. They rely heavily on marketing automation. However, they do not want to target the wrong people with the wrong message.

So they use the SyncApps by Cazoomi Mindbody to Constant Contact integration, especially the assign client index to Mindbody client feature. This helps them have a birds-eye-view over what each of their clients prefers and what are their shopping patterns and wellness needs.

Precise targeting is what keeps Redhead Wellness Sanctuary at the forefront of the industry. They answer to real needs, and they know that their clients are real people, not just demographic traits in a spreadsheet.

Want to leverage marketing automation that looks and feels like a personal, hyper-targeted message every time? Try the SyncApps by Cazoomi Mindbody for Constant Contact integration for FREE now.

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