How to Use Facebook Leads Ads to Generate More Donations for Your Nonprofit

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“Facebook is for grandmas”

Have you ever heard this derogatory claim before? I’m sure you have since Facebook is the “mother” of modern social networks.

That may be true; Facebook has been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have users of all age groups. 

In fact, with its 2.9 billion users, Facebook is still the most popular network. And, whether they admit to it or not, Millennials still log into Facebook (the “Memories” feature gets the best of us), and so do a lot of Gen Zers.

For nonprofits, Facebook can be a goldmine, especially since it has its own donation platform. Users are already accustomed to seeing social causes there and donating to them.

But this is not where the gold is. For nonprofits, Facebook Leads Ads are where the treasure is buried.

We’ll show you exactly how to leverage them, but first, a quick primer:

What Are Facebook Leads Ads?

Facebook Leads Ads are a specialized form of advertisement tailored explicitly for lead generation. Unlike traditional ads that direct users to external landing pages, Leads Ads enable nonprofits to capture potential donors’ information directly within the Facebook platform itself. 

The process is fairly simple:

  • You create a lead capture form
  • You can customize the fields, the colors, and more
  • You set a budget for the ad
  • Your leads input their data into the form you created.

The best thing about Facebook Leads Ads is that you only pay per generated lead, not for views or clicks. Plus, there is less friction because users don’t have to go to another platform or website to fill in the data.

Once you start collecting leads, you can add them to your systems and, consequently, to your marketing and sales funnels.

Why Use Facebook Ads Leads for Your Nonprofit?

Since 2016, Facebook has significantly altered the parameters you can set for your ads. They want to make sure that you don’t discriminate based on race, gender, or economic status. 

While the last parameter (economic status) has wreaked some havoc for luxury brands, nonprofits can easily leverage the current segmentation options in several ways:

  • You can target people around a certain location for your in-person events
  • You can still target people who are interested in social causes (this is a very prominent parameter in Facebook ads, one that the platform encourages you to use).
  • You can target people who have previously donated to Facebook campaigns — this way, you know that your leads are givers.

In other words, despite the shiny new social networks out there, Facebook is still the best place to get nonprofit leads.

How to Leverage Facebook Leads Ads with Automation and Integration

What happens once several leads fill in a form? You can export them to a CSV file and upload them into your CRM.

But that’s so 2005, don’t you think?

Try this instead:

That’s it! You don’t have to lift a finger! All your leads will be automatically migrated into your Salesforce account.

This means:

  • Zero human errors: you paid for those leads, so it would be a shame to waste them because you misspelled an email address during the manual migration process.
  • Instant flow: as soon as a lead fills in the form on Facebook, you’ll see it in your NPSP account
  • Facebook leads are migrated to Salesforce as Leads or Contacts.
  • All the information from the lead generation form will be seamlessly uploaded to Salesforce and distributed across the proper fields
  • You can analyze all the lead data at a glance: financial information, contact name and address, donation patterns, and more.

Ready to make the most out of your nonprofit’s Facebook Leads Ads? Integrate them with NPSP — it’s free to try so what have you got to lose?