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iPaaS Has Changed Engagement for Everyone in Every Industry. Here’s How
  • March 15, 2020|
  • 4 minute read
iPaaS Has Changed Engagement for Everyone in Every Industry. Here's How

What Is iPaaS?

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is, as the name suggests, a service cloud integration platform through which a third-party provider delivers infrastructure and middleware that enables connectivity to SaaS and cloud services.

It’s also a cloud-friendly alternative to the old-style system of data integration.

Integration Platform as a Service allows you to bring together cloud-based and on-premise applications and data to create a single source of reliable data quickly and cheaply.

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iPaaS eliminates the need to manually upgrade and maintain your software by offering comprehensive managed services, and automatic system updates in the cloud.

In this era of multi-cloud, data-driven organizations need a stout iPaaS for maximum flexibility and scalability.

This article seeks to help you understand how iPaaS has changed engagement for everyone in every industry. Let’s dive right in:

How Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Has Changed Engagement for Everyone in Every Industry

iPaaS has changed engagement for everyone in every industry in that it can support all kinds of users, data, and integration patterns more flexibly and intelligently.

Several companies have been able to greatly improve productivity through the use of iPaaS. Decision-making, which is a key component of running a successful company, is one such area that can be enhanced with the right iPaaS platform.

So, how has it changed the way people engage in every industry?

1. Change in Management Efforts

The use of iPaaS has helped fix several challenges faced by companies and governments like burnouts, and disengagement.

To maximize the benefit of iPaaS, ensure to check on flexibility, strength, and excellent customer support. No iPaas solution fits all. Getting the right integration solution in place complements management’s efforts. This means that your overall strategy is more likely to succeed.

2. iPaaS as a Favorable Substitute to AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capability of a computer application to think and learn.

iPaaS has positioned itself as the best alternative to artificial intelligence by producing products that connect well with humans hence increasing productivity, diversity, and innovation.

What’s more, iPaaS products are readily available and affordable compared to AI products.

3. Successful Markets

iPaaS-powered markets and industries are bound to keep growing fast thus promoting healthy competition, which ensures better service and product delivery for the end-user.

The iPaaS market has high competition making this fertile ground for companies that are interested in adopting iPaaS.

4. Pressure Reduction in IT Departments

According to a survey published by Blind, almost 60 percent of tech workers are burnt out. A similar study by Business Wire also revealed that the biggest threat to building an engaged workforce in 2017 is employee burnout. 

It is evident that such challenges make it impossible for businesses to build an engaged workforce.

With iPaaS, your employees are relieved of all work-related pressure. It takes over all the burdensome activities that consume too much of their time and energy. And it is cheap, creating more space for more exciting events and less burn out jobs.

5. Increased Thirst for Productivity Gains

Service-oriented economies are thirsty for these productivity gains.

Given that the AI problem-solving dreams have not been completely successful, iPaaS offers a more realistic and cost-effective way towards short to longterm gains.

Good examples of areas showing great potential are health care, eCommerce, data entry, and marketing.


Engagement is a crucial metric for companies and organizations in every industry. When you can streamline engagement levels (within a company, for its employees, and outside the company, for its stakeholders), you stand to make great strides.

This is where iPaaS comes into play. Choose the right integration provider and you will see your engagement levels increase without the need for extra work on your part.

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