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Leveraging the Freshdesk to NetSuite Integration to Boost Profit for Your eCommerce Business
  • September 08, 2019|
  • 17 minute read
Leveraging the Freshdesk to NetSuite Integration to Boost Profit for Your eCommerce Business

How do you choose the best business systems to ensure better customer experiences as your business grows? We say that the Freshdesk to NetSuite integration is the head start you need. 

Not convinced? We also have plenty of arguments below.

Today’s informed customer has high expectations that they require businesses to meet. The modern consumer is now more educated, empowered, and has increased access to countless options in all fields. 

To catch their attention, you need a system that delivers exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite does exactly that. It helps you gain customers all while catering to their various needs.

Integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite allows you to deliver great customer experiences. Choosing this particular integration will ultimately position you among the smart companies that fully understand customer needs.

Moreover, this will help you focus on providing and improving products that excite the end-user while consistently delivering great experiences.

The Freshdesk to NetSuite integration allows you to understand and tailor products to customer needs. You have to remember that providing exceptional customer experience is a continuous process.

Every interaction is different and critical for business growth. Having the right platforms is, therefore, extremely important if you want to grow your profits, attract new customers, and retain them.  

As your company or business grows, you adopt various business solutions aimed at meeting company needs. You need software that helps manage your financials, inventory, order processing, order fulfillment, billing, customer relationships, and many more depending on your type of business.

Eventually, all this software, if not connected, can lead to unwanted results. Your business encounters duplicate data leading to inefficiencies, errors, and increased costs. Integrating your mission-critical software solutions ensures that you minimize these kind of problems, and your operations become seamless.

For your eCommerce business to increase profits, you need to ensure that the customer has an exceptional experience at every touchpoint with your product. Every time a customer cuts ties with your business, your churn rate grows.

Though churn is normal for any business, a high churn rate can cripple your company. Churn is tied to customer satisfaction since unhappy customers will leave, and when they do, a part of your business goes with them. Their happiness impacts your company’s revenue.

Research by Microsoft found that 58 percent of customers consider customer experience a factor when choosing a brand and whether they remain loyal.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Microsoft

According to Gartner, businesses today are also competing based on customer experiences. A survey of organizations in 2017 also showed customer experience to be the most exciting opportunity ahead of compelling content for great digital experiences and data-driven marketing.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Econsultancy

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration means your customers enjoy incredible experiences. Better experiences lead to satisfaction leading to repeat business and increased revenue.

Your support team gets a 360-degree view of customer issues. They also have the context and knowledge to handle interactions with customers efficiently. The 360-degree view also allows you to create meaningful engagements that provide value to the customer.

Before we dig deeper into stats and numbers, let’s take a look at the basics.

What is Freshdesk?

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk solution and customer support software. It comes with a comprehensive number of options and tools so that companies using it can offer stellar customer support across channels and platforms.

We previously mentioned the high expectations of today’s customer. But what does that mean exactly? Briefly put, it means that they expect their experiences to be personalized and the company to know their individual needs. 

Seventy-six percent of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. They also expect immediate resolution of their issues by companies.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: HubSpot

Fail to give good service, and 44 percent of consumers will take their business elsewhere for reasons like feeling unappreciated, unhelpful or rude staff, speaking to multiple agents, and being kept on hold.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Vonage

Companies must adapt to changes in customer behavior. To remain relevant, you must leverage data to create personalized customer support that grows and retains customers. 

Investing in a good customer support team and tools will boost your revenues. A superior experience for the customer leads to loyalty and turns customers into brand ambassadors. Providing excellent customer experiences helps grow a company’s revenue by 4 – 8 percent above the market.

Your solution to great customer experiences is through having the right helpdesk software. Freshdesk helps increase sales and boost revenue. It’s a helpdesk solution and customer support software.

The cloud-based platform offers comprehensive tools and features that help businesses take care of their customer needs. It helps businesses provide excellent customer experiences and services.

Businesses can streamline their processes and offer customers multi-channel support. It also helps customer agents increase productivity.

Why does it matter, you ask?

No matter how good your content is and how great your photos are, customers will eventually run into issues and have questions about your product. Therefore, a customer service team is essential. 

They help your shoppers choose the right products depending on need. They help sort out issues, correct defective orders, and handle all concerns promptly.

With the right tool, your customer service team can do so much more. Customer service becomes not only a way to handle customer issues but also a business growth opportunity. Your team has access to customer feedback that you can use to improve your products and provide better experiences.

How Freshdesk can Help Boost Your Revenue

How Freshdesk can Help Boost Your Revenue

Freshdesk is ideal for:

1. Streamlined support channels, including email, chat, phone, social, and more

Freshdesk allows you to manage conversations with customers and solve issues faster. You can streamline all queries to one single inbox and allow your customer care team to stay on top of issues.

2. Prioritizing tweets using AI

Going through all the messages and tweets from customers can be overwhelming for the customer care team.  Freshdesk uses social signals to prioritize tweets and convert actionable ones to tickets. The team can then respond immediately.

3. Automation to prioritize and categorize support tickets

Freshdesk can automatically send notifications, manage ticket statuses, prevent frustrated customers, and so much more. Your team remains on top of things and can email customers automatically if they fail to acknowledge a response.

The powerful ticketing system has incredible tools the agents use to receive important status reports, private notes, and more. They can send formatted replies and view tickets with a single click.

4. Extensive knowledge base

Over time, your customer service team will realize that most inquiries are on the same issues. They can easily list some of the most popular questions asked daily by consumers. 

You can add resources to your site with the help of Freshdesk, to reduce the frequency of these questions. The resources are made available mostly on the FAQ page and provide answers to commonly asked questions.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Cazoomi

With Freshdesk, you can compile DIY guides to help customers get answers fast and solve problems themselves. Twelve percent of customers consider that finding information without having to contact a customer service representative makes for good customer experience.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Microsoft

You can also use community forums to keep customers updated on upcoming offers, discount codes, and so much more.

5. Team collaboration

Various teams can work seamlessly across the organization, which makes it easy and fast to provide solutions to customers. They can chat with teammates inside a ticket, share details, and add more context to it. 

This way, the solutions they offer to customers are more comprehensive and spot-on for their needs.

6. Insights

Keep track of specific metrics, including the average resolution time, average response time, and so much more. Monitor the teams to ensure they meet targets. 

More importantly, Freshdesk gives you access to a wealth of data and insights, so you can always make informed decisions.

7. Integration with your eCommerce store

The integration of Freshdesk to your eCommerce platform gives you access to customer information, including payment failures, order details, history, previous support requests, and so much more. The information provided will enrich your user experience.

8. Global support

Support customers locally or globally.  Freshdesk supports different languages, time zones, and business hours. You can also integrate it with other services, including Google Translate, Localize, and many more.

9. Eliminating repetitive tasks and staying up to date on critical events

Agents have access to automatic ticket dispatch and triggering corresponding actions. Gamification available with the tool encourages healthy competition while providing excitement.

Now that you have better insights into Freshdesk, let’s take a closer look at NetSuite.

What Is NetSuite?

What Is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the world-leading provider of business management software. With NetSuite, you can collect data, analyze and leverage it to run your operations, vendors, partners, and customers. It integrates ERP, a database-driven e-commerce platform, and CRM in a comprehensive business management suite.

NetSuite allows you to efficiently run your web store, fulfill orders, take care of inventory, handle accounting systems, and manage your customers. It allows you to offer an exceptional experience to customers and grow the business using a single system.

You can run the company from the cloud and deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Not having to manually input data on different systems and trying to understand what it all means. It provides your company with one solution to run all your operations.
  • You can operate across various channels, including mobile, social, online, call center, brick-and-mortar shops, and more. Products are made available through all the channels, and the customer can use any to order, pick, or return an item.
  • You can feature products differently on various channels depending either on rank, stock, or whether they are popular. You can also use targeting factors like location, purchase history, recommendations, and so much more.
  • Automation of your processes reduces errors leading to accuracy, faster orders, satisfied customers, and low operating costs
  • Save on costs and increase efficiency in operations
  • Faster more informed decision making
  • Customers receive a simple, accurate online experience
  • Helps you streamline purchasing through improving conversion rates. You can follow up on abandoned carts, keep track of your completed sales, analyze each customer data, and so much more.
  • Provides your eCommerce business with online marketing tools that broaden your reach and help grow the business. It also allows you to manage multiple web stores.

Using the Freshdesk to NetSuite Integration to Boost Revenue for eCommerce companies

Using the Freshdesk to NetSuite Integration to Boost Revenue for eCommerce companies

We are in an age when consumers not only expect fair pricing and quality service. They also expect personalized experiences, proactive services, and connected experiences across multiple channels. Seventy-six percent of customers expect a business to understand their needs and expectations.

Technology is one of the drivers of changes in customer expectations. They expect differentiated experiences and will shop around to get them. One bad experience causes a ripple effect for business, with 57 percent of customers moving to competitors who offered better experiences.

Sixty-two percent will share bad experiences with friends and family, and this could ruin a company’s reputation. Customers are even willing to pay more to get an improved customer experience.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Genesys

On the one hand, NetSuite allows your business to streamline processes, automate operations, and get real-time information on your business anytime, anywhere. Freshdesk, on the other hand, is a customer supporting cloud-based system. It allows you to support your customers through different channels, both traditional and modern.

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration provides your business with the opportunity to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The integration allows you to streamline your customer support processes through:

  • Tickets in Freshdesk that can create NetSuite cases
  • Freshdesk Ticket to NetSuite case (one-way ticket sync)
  • NetSuite Case to Freshdesk ticket (one-way ticket sync)
  • Sync Freshdesk ticket to NetSuite case only if NetSuite Case does not exist. Sync NetSuite case update to Freshdesk Ticket
  • Sync Freshdesk users to NetSuite contacts
  • Sync NetSuite customers to Freshdesk users
  • Add or update contact details in Freshdesk with NetSuite contact data

Offering customers differentiated services will set you apart from other competitors. Businesses that differentiate themselves from competitors also serve customers efficiently and fast.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Experian

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration simplifies interactions with customers and any other person coming into contact with your business. Customer support teams can provide solutions from any location, and they can do so instantly.

Customers can also raise their issues via different channels, including email, social media, chats, and calls. They get a response immediately with a ticket number allowing them to monitor the status of their query and reach out if not satisfied. Customer care becomes a priority.

Benefits of Integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite with SyncApps by Cazoomi

Benefits of Integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite with SyncApps by Cazoomi

1. Increased customer retention

You will spend 25 times more acquiring a new customer than retaining an existing one. If you manage to keep the one you have happy, then you don’t have to spend more resources and time finding a new one. Research by Bain & Company also found that a five percent increase in customer retention will increase your company’s profits by 25 to 95 percent.

Keeping the right customers is essential since it reduces churn rate. However, driving repeat purchases can be challenging, and that’s why a good customer service team is of utmost importance.

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration gives you a 360-degree view of customer insights by combining back-office operations with customer support.

The team ensures the customer receives satisfactory services through automated follow up emails from Freshdesk. This way, the customer will tell you of any issues with the products. If so, then the team will reach out and resolve the problem either through suggesting alternative products, directing them on a return process, or apologizing for inconveniences.

Whatever action you take to make the customer happy, you turn them into loyal customers. According to research, 65 percent of consumers use quality of service as a determining factor when purchasing. Seventy-three percent are encouraged to spend more than they had planned due to good customer service.

With the advent of social media, 29 percent of consumers will share their positive customer service experience, while 26 percent will share bad experiences on social media.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: ICSC

Improving retention rate leads to repeat sales and eventually, an increase in revenue.

2. Leveraging feedback

It’s important to personalize customer experiences by offering customers what they want. The feedback allows you to find out what aspects of your product or service are not meeting customer expectations. Ninety percent of customers favor brands that ask and accept customer feedback.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Microsoft

Ask your customers for input through polls on social media or use Freshdesk to send automated emails with surveys. It will help you make more informed decisions and provide you with input on the products you offer.

Ask for feedback on your website, on the overall shopping experience, the brand, customer service, shipping, and any aspect of your business you wish to improve.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Read Survey

Surveys help you know what in your business needs improvement. Use the responses to improve customer buying experiences and provide products and services in line with customer needs. Providing customers with what they are looking for helps you reach your sales goals and increase revenue.

3. Data is synchronized for accuracy and updated by the minute

You can easily import data from NetSuite to Freshdesk and vice versa. You can also filter, transform data, and so many other features. A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration with SyncApps allows you to insert new records or update existing ones without creating duplicates. Take a sneak peek of how SyncApps provides a fully integrated solution for your business.

You avoid dirty data that’s due to human error, duplication, incorrect values, or incomplete entries when you integrate the two. SyncApps automates the process to ensure correct data is available across the board. It prevents problems, including reduced sales, untargeted campaigns, and lack of informed business decisions.

Inaccurate data impacts 88 percent of companies’ bottom-line, where the average company loses 12 percent revenue. Those who have had problems with poor data experience reputational damage, and their customer service suffers immensely.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Econsultancy

Good data quality maximizes revenue and ensures business growth. SyncApps offers automatic daily backups. You can also manually back up data anytime. Your backups are securely stored too.

4. Streamline business processes

Having two separate systems requires too much administrative work. Your team must reconcile orders, ensure correct delivery, confirm inventory, and other manual processes required with different systems.

By integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite, you not only reduce errors, but the team gets more time to improve customer experiences and grow the company.

Integrated systems lead to streamlined processes that are accurate. Your customers will stay updated on their order status and progress. 

Employees are also freed up for more productive work. You can also customize the integration depending on your business needs.

5. Reliable IT

Having separate systems requires maintenance and updates done separately. Great care is also required when you need both Freshdesk and NetSuite to interact.

Integrating the two makes it easier to maintain them and requires little administrative support. The deployment is immediate, with no coding required. Your IT department will not need to change your apps. 

Set up is fast, and you can start using in two or three minutes. Your employees and customers also get the reliability they expect.

Conclusion: Boosting Profits by Integrating Freshdesk and Netsuite.

Conclusion: Boosting Profits by Integrating Freshdesk and Netsuite.

Knowing your customers well and understanding their needs is important for a business that wants to increase its revenue. Integrating Freshdesk to NetSuite expands the power of your business to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Your business expands strategically and increases profits.

Engaging customers in compelling, relevant experiences has become the competitive ground for businesses today. It’s no longer about brands telling customers they have the best deals. 

Technology has made it so that consumers can share information on products via social networks. They can easily discover where to find competitive offers, check reviews, enquire from friends, and share experiences through communities.

The result is that one single bad experience will lead to a loss of revenue. Ensure that when customers visit your eCommerce store seeking answers, they get their problems solved fast, get a knowledgeable representative, get a fast response, and reliable follow-through.

freshdesk to netsuite integration

Image Source: Genesys

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration ensures:

  • Your customer can find answers to frequently asked questions on your website.
  • The customer service team stays with the customer throughout the buying process.
  • The customer can reach you via various channels and get their issues prioritized and responded to fast.
  • Your agents solve issues from one place without having to juggle numerous tools or logins.
  • You become efficient since most processes are automated, and the team can dedicate their efforts towards ensuring exceptional customer service.
  • The integration allows your teams to collaborate so that a customer does not receive numerous responses from different agents.  Communication becomes easier, and the answers provided are helpful and relevant.
  • You gain customer loyalty as they are happy with the services they receive. They also become your brand ambassadors as they share their good experiences with friends and family.
  • You can measure your team’s performance so that you know where to improve for better services.

A Freshdesk to NetSuite integration will transform how your company runs. It will take care of most of the customer pain points and problems holding back your business growth.

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