Syncing MailChimp Custom Unsubscribes to Salesforce
By Nick Berry in Blog Blog | 3 minute read

MailChimp for Salesforce Integration has been very popular among our SyncApps subscribers.  An effect of having many companies leaning toward MailChimp’s ease of use for marketers and Salesforce CRM’s robust features for sales teams.  Due to its high demand, our subscribers often head to our community to post some of the ideas that they come up with during testing out their SyncApps subscription.  These ideas are categorized and often lead to groundbreaking enhancements for our MailChimp for Salesforce Integration.

MailChimp SalesForce Integration

One of these recent enhancements that has been rolled out for MailChimp for Salesforce Integration is syncing MailChimp opt-out information, specifically the unsubscribes, with custom checkboxes in Salesforce.  This topic has been moved to an enhancement idea, and rolled out for SyncApps subscribers for them to be able to control and monitor their individual opt-out actions in MailChimp Lists.

Let’s take one of our community conversations as an example.  View it here.

One of our subscribers has separate unsubscribes for each of their groups that they market to and they want people to stay in the list for other mailings if they haven’t unsubscribed for a specific brand.  So the client was basically needing mapping of their custom unsubscribes from MailChimp to Salesforce.

Below is a screenshot showing the client’s details for passing back custom unsubscribes to Salesforce from MailChimp Lists.

Unsubscribes - MailChimp SalesForce Integration

So, what Cazoomi did was to roll out a customization for this issue that allows profiles to be mapped to the same Salesforce custom unsubscribe.  If you want this, please email to allow us to turn it on in your account.  And once enabled, you can then press refresh field mapping configuration.  Map “MailChimp Unsubscribe” to any Salesforce custom field with type checkbox to store the unsubscribed flag.

Custom Opt-Outs - MailChimp SalesForce Integration

And know that the unsubscribed information will be synced to the chosen Salesforce field if a subscriber is unsubscribed.

Remember that unsubscribes are per MailChimp list, so you can now map this system field back to the checkbox for each list on the Salesforce record.  And on the field mapping in SyncApps, be sure that the mapping direction flows from MailChimp to SalesForce for the unsubscribe field.

If you are concerned about data storage, you can just then select a single Campaign to sync back from MailChimp.  And a campaign response sync isn’t needed to be checked for MailChimp opt-out sync.

View the full conversation on our Community and get engaged by sharing your thoughts today.  Navigate here.

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