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Manage your MINDBODY Prospects for Improved Business
  • July 07, 2019|
  • 4 minute read
Manage your MINDBODY Prospects for Improved Business

Getting on track with one’s health is always a challenge. Discipline is always needed just to get through the first week of any exercise, whether it’s a five-minute run or a round of ten push-ups. It would please health buffs all around the world to know that in light of modern advances in technology, there are more tools available to help us get fit today more than ever.

Modern technology has been improving several aspects of daily life at neck-break speeds. Take for example the health and wellness industry. It seems like every day a new product is being released that’s designed to assist in weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance. From calorie trackers to step counters, the software industry has been especially active in developing applications intended to help people get on track to being healthy.

One such software is MINDBODY.

The software is an eCommerce phenomenon that sets up a booking system for venues like gyms, yoga spas, and dance studios. MINDBODY took hold of the market and has since grown into one of the biggest Booking and eCommerce apps in the health and wellness industry for its ease of use and user-friendly interface.

The app manages bookings for health-related activities like yoga classes, Crossfit sessions, and trainer consultations. The application also collects all of this information to build user profiles that help venue managers identify and tailor their available services for the best fitness plan for their users.

Not all apps are created equal, however. The MINDBODY app is great at what it does but what about getting it to talk to your accounting or marketing software? This can be as hard as getting your own health on track.

There are integration solutions in the market and the #1 is right on MINDBODY’s trusted Marketplace, SyncApps.

It covers all the needs of small business to growing spas needing Intuit Quickbooks Online (accounting), Infusionsoft by Keap (e-commerce), Sage Intacct (financial management), and Mailchimp (marketing automation) or even Salesforce (CRM – our late 2019). When synced up with any of these software, MINDBODY enables both users and business owners alike to automate their tasks to allow them to focus on the business.

How this works, in layman’s terms, is straightforward. Let’s take a look at MINDBODY and Mailchimp.

SyncApps matches the records between MINDBODY and Mailchimp and syncs up the data to make the data entry flow between both software much easier.

Need to segment and import your MINDBODY clients to Mailchimp so you can email your monthly newsletter to your registered users? SyncApps makes this easy.

Trying to message your class pass clients to make sure they are booking and signing up for their desired daily or weekly slots? Integration makes this simple.

Software integration just makes life easier – it automates two-way or bidirectional contact imports so you don’t have to manually type in every entry on either software. 

If you’re a MINDBODY administrator looking to save time spent on manual data entry, SyncApps has a Free Trial that gives you access to all of its special features – including all four integration combinations mentioned above with Salesforce on the way! No credit card needed upon sign-up – no hassle, no stress, just seamless integration and time saved.

All of this sounds like a lot, but don’t worry – MINDBODY always has you and your client base in mind. MINDBODY has an annual conference, BOLD, which is going to be held at the Marriott, Anaheim this year. This annual conference is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers and staff who work in the health and fitness industry. If you’re interested in meeting and sharing ideas with like-minded people, the BOLD 2019 conference is the best place to do it.

BOLD 2019 conference

The annual BOLD conference by MINDBODY also features keynote and guest speakers who offer expert insights on how to effectively run a health and wellness business. Partnered with industry leaders like SyncApps, the BOLD conference gives its attendees a great learning and networking experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or already established in the industry, the BOLD conference by MINDBODY is sure to have something new for you – so sign up now and don’t miss out!

Get your health & fitness studio on track and automate your life today!

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