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Meet Real-Time Sync: Zoho CRM, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce with ActiveCampaign – Update Profile Form Using Webhooks
  • April 06, 2021|
  • 3 minute read

Update Profile form

At Cazoomi, we have very strong opinions about iPaaS. Not surprising, right? We believe that iPaaS should accomplish three core missions (at the very least):

  • Save time
  • Bring you insights that siloed data can’t bring
  • Be FAST (real-time, ideally)

Since beliefs that aren’t supported by actions are just dreams (and our dreams don’t really help our subscribers), we work every day to make the three features better and better.

Today, we’d like to talk a bit about the last one. You’d be happy to know that we’ve come up with a new way to bring you real-time sync and updates across platforms (Zoho CRM, Dynamics 365, and Salesforce for Active Campaign, to be precise).

Drumroll, please!

You can now use the webhook feature in ActiveCampaign (Update Profile Form feature). What does it do? Simply put, when a record is updated in ActiveCampaign by the admin or the subscriber the update will automatically be reflected in the CRM records, especially on the existing ones.

This runs your ActiveCampaign Automation to your chosen CRM so check here if your CRM is supported.

Let’s take a look at real-life use cases for different CRMs.



Saleforce to ActiveCampaign

Use case: Sales works in Salesforce and Sales Operations & Marketing works in ActiveCampaign creating Campaigns and Orders for customers. For Sales to see in real-time what a prospect clicked on before they pick up the phone they can now see this in Salesforce from ActiveCampaign Automations sent out.


Salesforce users can now enjoy real-time updates from ActiveCampaign Marketing or Sales outreach today. No longer wasting time bothering your colleagues or hunting down data to support your Sales end-of-month activities.



Jendco Safety Supplies

Use case: Just like for campaign activity, if you wanted to sync opened/clicked items in real-time (specific timezone), you can now do it very easily.


Meet Jendco Safety Supplies, a safety gear supplier that, as you can imagine, was very busy during the pandemic. For them, tracking marketing metrics is a vital part of sales, and syncing them to their CRM in real-time is a big help.

This is why they chose SyncApps. And we couldn’t be happier to provide them with new ways to access the metrics that matter to them in real-time.


Zoho CRM  

Use Case: Syncing Prospect Score field (new record) to update from ActiveCampaign to Zoho CRM.

Enabling this feature will allow the update of existing records in Zoho CRM with fields. Just enable this in Step 2 in your integration and you’re good to go!

Do you know knows a lot of the importance of real-time marketing metric syncing? Digital marketing companies, who else? Database Diva, for instance, uses our Zoho CRM integration to keep their records updated in real-time with the click of a button.

This way, they save tens of hours each month and avoid the manual work everyone hates! Plus, their sales and marketing departments are always on the same page!

Want to leverage real-time sync for your marketing and sales teams? Start here — it’s 100% FREE, so what have you got to lose?

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