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Simplifying Customer Success with Mailchimp & Infusionsoft Integration with MINDBODY
  • September 12, 2019|
  • 3 minute read
Simplifying Customer Success with Mailchimp & Infusionsoft Integration with MINDBODY

If you ever thought that proper segmentation of your customer base should be nothing more than an afterthought, this story is about to prove you wrong.  

Meet Y2 Yoga, a yoga studio that leveraged segmentation to a whole new level.

Before meeting SyncApps by Cazoomi, they hadn’t identified an appropriate platform to use when targeting clients through newsletters and email campaigns. This was a major challenge for them since they already knew that email is a mission-critical channel in their line of business.

The ability to integrate MINDBODY with Mailchimp and Infusionsoft using SyncApps by Cazoomi was a complete game-changer for Y2 Yoga. 

MINDBODY is a cloud-based software for managing businesses within the health, beauty and wellness sector.

It assists in the monitoring of client bookings, cancellations of appointments, real-time review of sales information, and provision of detailed reports among many others.  

The integration allows Y2 Yoga to divide their MBO clients in Mailchimp as separate groups and in Infusionsoft as separate Tags. By hacking this complex filtering criterion and the segmentation feature, the company can now access specific records that are part of their business requirements. 

process of integrating

The process of integrating MINDBODY with Infusionsoft and Mailchimp entailed four steps:

  1. Setting up the MINDBODY Site ID
  2. Infusionsoft Credentials
  3. Determining Filter and Segment
  4. Sync Scheduling

Now, Y2 Yoga can segment their customers based on products purchased, class (classes, events, and appointments) as well as a service category.

As Infusionsoft delivers contact lists of the different tags in the form of records (including those who opt-out), Mailchimp facilitates further segmentation in the form of various groups tagged as separated records. 

Thanks to SyncApps, Y2 Yoga instructors can now focus on what they do best. Initially, they would waste a lot of time on manual importation and exportation of spreadsheets every day, from MINDBODY to Infusionsoft or Mailchimp.  

In fact, this integration worked SO well for them that we decided to sponsor the Y2 Yoga staff trip to BOLD, the yearly conference hosted by MINDBODY. At the conference, they had the amazing chance to present their success with MINDBODY and become a case study for the entire community for wellness businesses.

We were so stoked about their success and so proud of both our teams who worked together relentlessly that we were happy to cover all the expenses for their trip for the East Coast to the West Coast.

It is not an everyday thing for a company to become a case study for MINDBODY. It goes to prove that when the right software work together seamlessly, your business can be completely transformed.

Read the full Y2 Yoga story here: Y2 Yoga Uses SyncApps to Integrate MINDBODY with Mailchimp and Infusionsoft

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