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Updates to the SyncApps Help Center
  • February 27, 2019|
  • 2 minute read
New Help Center

Today we’re excited to announce the successful launch of our new subscriber service experience in a move to provide subscribers with one-stop access to the SyncApps Help Center as well as additional self-service, best practice and knowledgeable support resources.

At Cazoomi, our top focus is our subscribers and providing them with an amazing self-help experience. That’s why we have partnered with Zendesk, a best-in-class provider of subscriber service software, used for over a decade now by our support teams to roll out our new Help Center.

Note that no content was removed, it just looks really, cool! Thanks to all our subscribers who provided feedback on these changes, and keep your eyes out for enhancements as we continue to improve it throughout the year.

The new SyncApps Help Center is modelled following a robust self-service and best in class methodology, which leverages Cazoomi’s collective knowledge-base across all software integrations we provide today using the SyncApps platform.

This structured and subscriber-friendly Help Center in turn will provide we hope an enhanced and more efficient subscriber experience.

The SyncApps Help Center is the first stop for our subscribers on their integration journey and also our staff searching for best practices in integrations and integration optimization.

Updated daily by our integration support experts, the Help Center currently features 100s of articles spanning all integrations and service areas as related to SyncApps and our partner integrations.

The upgraded Help Center hopes to foster a more inclusive subscriber experience, featuring innovative functionality, including:

Self-Service ‘Knowledge Base’ – empowers subscribers to quickly access answers to their questions on their time. Recently viewed articles are surfaced each time you return.

Auto Discovery – intuitively provides top recommendations to articles matching subscribers’ search criteria.

Dedicated Subscriber Portal – provides streamlined access to the comprehensive knowledge base plus quick and easy access to SyncApps Help Center personnel, all via a single login.

Direct Engagement and Support – allows subscribers to engage, communicate and manage their own priorities and issues around integration.

24/7 Support via email and scheduled calls – questions that arise from the SyncApps Help Center can easily be clarified with a simple email to 24 hours a day for either direct feedback or a quick scheduled call.

Help Center

*Check out the NEWLY redesigned SyncApps Help Center with more content, how to guides and videos to help with integrations that drive your organization today.

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