New Walkthrough Wednesdays Series with featured integration: Constant Contact for Salesforce

salesforce to constant contact

We’re excited to share our brand new featured integrations series that will first bring Constant Contact for Salesforce into focus for SyncApps!

Constant Contact for Salesforce

Constant Contact for Salesforce is a key integration that we have been integrating for 1,000s of Constant Contact fans for nearly a decade, empowering their marketing teams to move faster with greater control over the data they manage and we integrate. These new featured integrations series will help teams more effectively take advantage of our best practices on integrating your software, enabling you to better coordinate and implement your data integration workflow without slowing down.

Learn more about the integration here or, if on our Trial, see how 12 simple steps can get you started connecting Constant Contact for Salesforce to save you time and boost sales.

Walkthrough Wednesdays Series

Due to the success of our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series launch, we will be conducting a Walkthrough Wednesdays Series weekly with different and enticing topics each week! Stay tuned for more updates and we hope to see you all next time.

The SyncApps Software Team

See our replay of this Walkthrough Wednesdays Series here below.