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Salesforce to Constant Contact

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How Does Salesforce to Constant Contact SyncApps Work

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Major Features

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Sync accounts (Person Accounts incl.), contacts and leads to Constant Contact lists.

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Easily select which Object Type to be created when there is a new subscriber in Constant Contact.

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Quickly select specific Cazoomi Marketing List or Salesforce Campaign Record Types to sync to Constant Contact List(s).

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Sync specific lists feature from Constant Contact to CRM.

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Filter and Sync only those records who meet a specific criteria from CRM.

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Salesforce Custom Checkbox to Constant Contact List segmentation feature.

How it Works!


Enter your Sync Profile name.  The Sync Profile name is just a description for you to remember the Sync Profile that you will create.

Enter your Sync Profile name
Enter Salesforce credentials

Next, enter Salesforce credentials.  Grab your Salesforce credentials and if you have questions, please hover over any SyncNotes tool tip to get more information.


Then enter Constant Contact credentials.  Connecting to Constant Contact is super simple. Press the button to log in to your account to validate your Sync Profile.

Enter Constant Contact credentials

And after that, you may select some Add-Ons.  The SyncApps Add-Ons screen allows you to select those you want and more for each app you connect.


Next is Field Mapping.  Field Mapping from you chosen App 1 and app 2 allows you to update existing records or new records with ease.

Next is Field Mapping.
Filter and Segmentation

Then, Filter and Segmentation.  Filtering takes CRM records, filters, based on specified criteria and syncs the records into your target application.

Segmentation sync records from each defined segment into separate lists.


And the last step is Sync Scheduling.  Sync Scheduling can be set up on paid plans. Sync On-Demand is available for all trials to allow quick testing of your apps' integration.

Sync Scheduling
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The National Association of Corporate Directors NACD

"All integration Sync Profiles are running on all cylinders – thank you all for seeing this through and helping our NACD group complete this setup in record time. We are going to add some more filter & segmentation in the next couple of months, so I don’t want to say I won’t reach out again (hahaha) but thank you for your awesome integration support.”
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After you create an account, your company will get instant access to all Sync Profiles for 2 weeks and we don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try Cazoomi risk-free.  Our Cazoomi team will email you 7 days into your 2 weeks trial to make sure all is well and again before the trial ends so you can choose one of our three paid subscription plans including, (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) or our Free Plan for Constant Contact customers. You'll purchase the best plan for your business and your current trial account will be upgraded automatically so that all your data mapping is just as you left it, intact.  If you need set-up services we can provide Cazoomi Set-up Services.

Bumping into any difficulties while setting up your own Sync Profile with SyncApps?

Or thought of these same issues/questions regarding which custom fields specifically in Constant Contact can be mapped in Step 4 of your Sync Profile?

  • Custom Fields created in Constant Contact do not show up in SyncApps Constant Contact Field list even after refreshing fields.
  • I cannot see the Constant Contact custom fields in the additional field mapping while trying to map custom fields in both systems.  Even if I press the refresh fields button the newly created fields do not show up.
  • The Fields are being displayed with Standard Naming in Cazoomi (custom_field_1 -- custom_field_15) but not with the name we created in Constant Contact.
  • How do I import Custom Fields from the signup form, back to the Contact/Account/Lead/Targets?
  • I had a Custom Date Field called "Subscribed Date" in Constant Contact but I don't see that Custom Date field in the Cazoomi Field Mapping Section to map it to Salesforce.
  • How can I change the labels of the custom fields when performing the field mapping when setting up a SyncApps profile? (Example: Custom Field 01, Custom Field 02, Custom Field 03 ------ I would rather give these labels names like Channel for custom field 01, and Record Type for custom field 02)

Well, these don’t sound so hard to answer however it's a bit more complicated.

Just to let you know that adding a custom field in Constant Contact does not give any added functionality to the 15 Available Custom Fields allowed in the current API for Constant Contact.

In Constant Contact, only 15 Custom fields are allowed. Beyond these 15 custom fields, Constant Contact’s API will not support extra fields.  However, you can map the 15 fields to match your fields in CRM.

  • Add a new Custom Field and name it Custom Field 1
  • Add a new Custom Field and name it Custom Field 2 and so on.
  • Custom Field

Just be sure to jot each field label (COMM STEM = Custom Field 1) down to be used in your Sync Profile to map the 1-15 custom fields available to your CRM field(s).  You will need them as Constant Contact only supports the naming of custom fields 1-15 as shown above.

Enable Field Mapping

Let us know if you hit any snags through emailing us at


The Constant Contact Salesforce Connector v2.0 has been deprecated, please see how to integrate using SyncApps today here:


One item that we learned during our Constant Contact tutorial was when uploading Salesforce contacts to Constant Contact there is a 200 contact limit.  Does Cazoomi have contact upload limitations?


There is no limit on the number of contacts you can transfer automatically as many of our subscribers sync over 1,000,000 contacts and lead each week from website forms, Salesforce entries, and list building activities.


Another item of concern for us was the campaign responses. In order to view the responses in a contact's profile in Salesforce, all users had to have the Constant Contact App installed on their Salesforce.  Is this the same in Cazoomi?


All Constant Contact email marketing metrics sync to the Native Salesforce Campaign History object which is available for all users in your Salesforce Organization.


We have the Enterprise edition of Salesforce and up to 30 Salesforce users.  Do all Cazoomi packages (Enterprise, Professional, Basic, Free) work with our Salesforce account?


Yes, except Basic which does not have Salesforce CRM included in the plan.


Can you tell us what the benefits are of having multiple Sync profiles? We just need a basic sync service - Salesforce to Constant Contact.  We don't need Constant Contact to talk to other Apps we install to Salesforce.


Sure, since Salesforce has accounts, person accounts, and leads or contacts then each Profile is needed per each object.

So if you have leads and contacts in SFDC to sync then you would need 2 Profiles and Sync Profiles allows the added flexibility & room to grow into SyncApps if you have other data to sync.


Here is the screenshot of the sync that looks like it saw what we wanted it to but these lists didn’t show up in Constant Contact.

Any clue as to why?

We use over 125 Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists to sync over to Constant Contact as you can see in the screenshot.

125 Dynamics CRM Marketing Lists Cazoomi:

You will just need to reset your Sync Profile anytime you make changes to any Dynamic CRM Marketing List criteria.

Please just press the "Reset Sync Process" & "Sync Now".

Reset Sync Process and Sync Now

Once the Sync is completed you can check "Find out more" to review how the sync details turned out to verify all the lists and record information synced correctly to Constant Contact.

Find out more
Cazoomi Subscriber:

How can I sync Person Accounts from Salesforce to Constant Contact? I thought by using the marketing list functionality, it would allow the sync of Person Accounts.


In your Sync Profile you just need to click edit, then click next to get to Step 1 and use the "Marketing List" feature instead of Campaigns as you have selected currently. Select "Use Cazoomi's Marketing List package" in drop-down menu.

Also, select Object Type to Sync: Contacts as Person Accounts are used in your Salesforce this way.

If you haven't installed Cazoomi's Marketing List package please install from the following URL:

If using Cazoomi Marketing List package and need more information please click the following link:


Thank you for response, however your suggestions are not in line with the options I have available.  See below screenshots.  I also have installed the Marketing List package.

I have selected Marketing List Mode previously and added the Marketing Lists to sync:

Marketing List mode

Also when selecting the object, I do not have Person Accounts available.


Since your Non Profit Salesforce version uses Person Accounts as Contacts this would be the Object Type to Sync in your Sync Profile.

In a Marketing List you can filter to get the Person Accounts (Contacts) you need and add some or all of them to each list.

Following your screenshot above if "Bob Ryan Contact List" is filled with Person Account then each would be synced to the Constant Contact List.


We have one dept who will be using EventSpot and another who will be using Email Marketing.  We are looking into setting up separate constant contact accounts for them.  Will this work ok with SyncApps?


Yes, please setup 2-4 separate Sync Profiles for Contacts and/or Leads using 1 Salesforce login for your credentials in each Sync Profile(s) for each different Constant Contact credentials in setup of the Sync Profile(s).

Multiple Constant Contact Account

If we change account owner (or any specified field) for a Contact in Salesforce, will the sync catch the Salesforce account owner change and also change that field in Constant Contact during the sync?


If you have mapped account owner or any specified fields to one of the 1-15 allowed fields in Constant Contact then if this field changes in CRM on the subsequent sync the field in Constant Contact will be changed to the new CRM value.

See Reference here on how to manage your Custom Fields in Constant Contact.

Yes! Whether during of our Free Trial or while subscribing to one of our paid plans, you can change your Cazoomi SyncApps plan at any time by logging into your account, clicking on Upgrade from your Dashboard or by just getting in touch with us at
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