Paragon – Your New Way to Integrate at Work

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Meet SyncApps Paragon, the solution that makes integration a native part of your team. We’ve been hard at work, analyzing and centralizing your feedback, your suggestions, and your needs. Next, our platform team turned everything into a subscriber-focused, insight-oriented dashboard.

Let’s dive in!

 What’s New?

The dictionary defines paragon as a model of perfection in some quality or trait

We define SyncApps Paragon as the model of perfection for the subscriber’s journey to seamlessly integrate their business data.

The new dashboard UX is designed for enhanced access and more resources for you, the subscriber who relies on integration in order to get more from all your mission-critical solutions.

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Take a tour of our new dashboard design and its new features:

There is something new in every corner of our solution. Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean you’ll have to relearn everything. In fact, everything just became even easier.


  • Added Get Started section. This helps you easily onboard using our Help Center Article, How to Blogs, and Videos.
  • Added Sync Profile section. We also placed the Sync Profile list strategically so you can access it directly from the dashboard.
  • Self Service trial extension. This will allow you to extend your trial without having contact with the support team. By popular request, you are now the only master of your trial!
  • Newly designed portlets. A simple, clean, and symmetrical section that anyone can use, even your non-techie colleagues.
  • Talk to Us-it’s Free! Access is now available 24/7 to schedule our experts to guide you.

SyncApps Paragon Dashboard

  Sync Profile:

  • All your integrations at a glance, clearly differentiated. The software integrations visual, Sync Profile name, and color for each sync run’s status help you better understand all the integrations associated with your account. 
  • Edits made extra-simple. You can now edit any Sync Profile without having viewed it first.

SyncApps Paragon Sync Profile


SyncApps Paragon Team Banner

  • Unlimited Team members in the free trial. You can now add unlimited team members even during your free trial.
  • Role-based. Manage your team’s access to integrations within your organization. Easily assign and terminate roles and permissions for each member of your staff.
  • Shared integrations. Get your team on the same page by setting up an integration based on your data integration goals while gaining valuable insights through drill-down reports.

SyncApps Paragon Teams


SyncApps Paragon Reports

Remember the old reports page that offered you unparalleled marketing, accounting, and operations reports? Think of the Paragon reports hub as the same page, but on steroids.

We know that reporting leads to better marketing, easier sales projections, and better business decision-making all around. So we focused all our efforts on bringing you the ultimate report hub.

Spoiler alert: it’s easy to customize, easy to use, and it practically tells you what to do next based on historical data like records synced, speed, object type, and more.

We can’t wait for you to try it and give us feedback on what you need next!

Here’s a short overview of what’s new:

  • Drilling down reports. You can now easily analyze the records directly from the report page: when you tap each report on your dashboard, SyncApps will give you an easy way to view the error logs or processed records.
  • New video guide. We added a video to help you understand exactly how to drill down on reports. Watch it and you’ll be able to use this reporting powerhouse at full capacity!
  • Better design for recent sync reports. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding an icon, changing the button design, and coloring out the sync status for better visuals. It may not sound like much but do give it a try. We’d say that our UX experts have outdone themselves, but you might think we’re biased. So feel free to make up your own mind.

  My Account:

  • All-around design upgrade. We redesigned every section so that you can easily navigate and control everything in your account. Your integrations, your rules!
  • New color codes for Add-On Subscription status. Not sure what your team has subscribed to? Our new color code makes it super-easy for you to identify your subscriptions at a glance and control them with a few taps.

My Account


  • Better, more subscriber-friendly design. We enhanced the design so you can easily select on what add-on you need. See everything at a glance and make the decision based on relevant information + your business needs. We call it the dream duo!


  New configuration page layout:

  • It’s like we’re there with you every step of the way. We added a flowchart, a new video, made it easier to book a call, and we also added a handy guide to help you set up your integration. You have all the information you need, in the format of your choice. Plus, as you already know, you can email, chat, or book a call, 24/7.

Dashboard Configuration

Performance rocks!

At SyncApps, every enhancement and every new feature we add is based on your needs for performance. Our goal is to help your accounting, financial, eCommerce, marketing, sales, and operations departments work together like a well-oiled machine. 

Since we know that only happens when every part of the machine works well, we bring you the solution that puts performance at your fingertips.

Ready to launch it?

Try SyncApps Paragon, try taking your business performance at a whole new level. It’s 100% FREE and NO strings attached. What have you got to lose?