Q2 2018 Features Announcement

  • September 04, 2018|
  • 4 minute read

Hello SyncApps Community!

As a growing integration company, we thrive to provide our subscribers the most up-to-date and robust integration software for their business’ needs. Which is why, our team have come up with a SyncApps Features Announcement where we will be collecting our newly added features and enhancements every quarter and placing them in a single post.

We have kicked off the year with an amazing array of features and enhancements for our subscribers. Read the full list here. For the 2nd quarter of the year, our Development Team has released a whopping number of features and enhancements! Without further ado, here’s the list of SyncApps’ newly added features and enhancements for Q2 of 2018.


Features Title Q2 SyncApps New Features

Delivra Integrations

  • Exposed Delivra Custom Fields for easy field mapping in Step 4 of setup

HubSpot Integrations

  • Enhanced HubSpot Lead Qualification Score
  • Added support for one-way sync from HubSpot to target system

QuickBooks Integrations

  • QuickBooks Scan Changes for tighter integration control of data changes

Zendesk Integrations

  • Time tracking- Added an option to create an entry if the customer is invalid
  • Added support for a multi-select custom field values for Zendesk
  • RMA Add-On for NetSuite enhancements so look out for our NetSuite v2 Apps framework announcement this Q4
  • “Allow organizations fields mapping” now available as a choice in Step 1 of setup

MailChimp Integrations

  • Use email subject if MailChimp campaign name is blank to capture email campaign in CRM

Salesforce Integrations

  • Updated Salesforce authentication endpoints to login.salesforce.com
  • Added option to specify authentication endpoint for Salesforce Government Cloud subscribers and custom URLs

NetSuite Integrations

  • eCommerce feature enhancements to provide tighter control of last synced orders
  • Added webhooks sync features to update NetSuite address fields
  • Application ID now mandatory for NetSuite integrations

Dynamics 365 Integrations

  • Enhancements to Dynamics 365, CRM 2017 integration speeds
  • 365 Dynamic lists: Do not ignore link entity with empty criteria managed now
  • Update to pick active lists in 365 for Regular expression option
  • Increase retry on records retrieval for 365 API in-app integration run

Intuit Integrations

  • Intuit Security Scan certifications: Added support for limiting HTTP method

Act-On Integrations

  • Added more logging for refresh token to beef up the stability of API integrations

Constant Contact Integrations

  • Retrieve HTML content using preview API for all CRM integrations

Xero Integrations

  • Handle token revoked error to better assist in API offline issues

Shopify Integrations

  • Created segments based on abandoned carts rolled out for eCommerce

Handshake Integrations

  • Add option to not sync shipping address if dropship feature is used
  • Add option to use Handshake item External ID for both NetSuite and Xero
  • Order line items based on ctime rolled out for tighter sync
  • Populate Variant Pricing if specified in custom field mapping feature built

MINDBODY to MailChimp Integrations

  • Professional Plan now available to all MailChimp subscribers using MINDBODY

Zendesk for NetSuite Integration

  • Customer without an email address now synced as “org” to Zendesk
  • Overriding of built-in contact mapping now available for NetSuite to Zendesk

NetSuite to Handshake Integration

  • Enhanced item retrieval times
  • Added support for syncing Item groups

Xero to MailChimp Integration

  • Rolled out Xero to MailChimp One-Way Sync feature

MailChimp to Zoho Integration

  • Added support for MailChimp Groups to Zoho CRM checkboxes for total control of automation of marketing processes

Features Title Q2 SyncApps Enhancements
  • Revamped Subscriber Stories Page
  • Redesigned Support Page
  • Revamped Sign-Up/Log-In Page
  • Redesigned Signup Activation page
  • Redesigned Signup Pop-up form
  • Redesigned Add-Ons Page
  • Redesigned FAQ page
  • Enhanced Pricing Page
  • Added button to pause/resume all Sync Profiles
  • Changed FAQ’s Box in Sync Profile
  • Populate “End date:” on the Summary section in Sync Profile
  • Added “Help” buttons in Sync Profiles
  • Fixed issues in deleting segment in Filtering and Segmentation
  • Optimize Sync Campaign Responses filtering and logs
  • Cazoomi Story for Q2 2018: Salesforce to Constant Contact
  • Implemented CAPTCHA on Signup
  • Added Input search in Software Combination Popup
  • SyncApps’ mobile optimization
  • Custom Opt-Out Customization for Free Trial
  • Server Error and Downtime Page enhancements
  • Added customization for concurrent integrations

We hope that you find our features and enhancements announcement useful and we thank you for your continued support of our iPaaS solution.

You can also head over to our extensive Help Center for more in-depth articles on our robust features added quarterly.

Do signup for our Blog here and check back with us as we will be posting additional announcements from time to time. Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback and we will be happy to respond. Remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, have an issue or just want an integration review, please send our 24/7 rockstars a note to support@cazoomi.com to receive prompt and thorough assistance.

Thank you for your time.

Joanna Mae Abrea
CMO, Cazoomi

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