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Q2 2019 Features and Enhancements
  • August 08, 2019|
  • 6 minute read

Hello, SyncApps community! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

June has come and gone, marking the end of the first half of 2019. SyncApps has gone back to the drawing board since we last updated you guys with updates, reviewing and re-evaluating some existing features while thinking up some new ones dedicated to helping our users better.

Here’s a quick list of the new features we’ve come up with for the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Q2 2019 Features and Enhancements

Introducing: Dynamics 365 with ActiveCampaign!

You read that right – integrating Dynamics 365 with ActiveCampaign is now live! This integration is bidirectional, as with every integration we roll out, which means you can migrate data from one software to the other and vice versa with great ease. Try it out today!

General SyncApps Features 

Striving for excellence sounds like a school motto, but it doesn’t mean there’s no value to the saying. It’s why we’re always working towards making things easier and better for our user base, and Q2’s updates include features that reflect this outlook. Here are the biggest tweaks:

  • We’ve made Static Text Mapping available for all Email Marketing Sync Types!
  • We’ve sorted out some functions for CRM email updating. Now, SyncApps updates the email address of a particular contact instead of deleting and recreating it – it’s fewer steps to go through, leading to faster and cleaner processing.
  • Free trialers can now test out the “Show Sync Scheduling” feature! You can now view your scheduled syncs for improved planning on data integrations. No more second-guessing on when your syncs are going to run!

Salesforce-Specific Features 

Salesforce is still a top favorite among SyncApps users, which is why we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the integration experience between Salesforce and fellow partner software. 

For the past quarter, we’ve added some much-requested features and updated some functionalities to make the day-to-day integrations flow more smoothly.

Check them out below!

  • SyncApps is now compatible with Salesforce Spring ’19 API! This means better compatibility, for both Lightning and Classic users.
  • You can now add custom questions for Eventbrite for Salesforce integrations. This means more control over tailoring the user experience, which leads to better interaction with clients and patrons alike. Isn’t it cool?
  • We’ve enhanced our popular feature called “Update Salesforce on new subscription if email address already exist in CRM”, so check it out in Step 2 of your integration process to see how this feature can save your team tons of time!
  • Auto-updates are great – except for when you need the older data for record-keeping purposes. To answer this demand, we’ve added a feature for Salesforce that controls the status updates of Responded Emails. You can find this in the Admin section under Salesforce Customization, listed as “Do not update “Responded” status in the campaign metrics”. Try it on for size!
  • Records creation is a crucial first step for any Salesforce integration, which is why we’ve streamlined the process with better functionality. We’ve moved the “Search the same object only for new records creation” option to Step 1 of the integration process to reflect this. More control leads to better experience – which is always a goal to strive for.

More Software-Specific Features 

We aren’t just focusing on one software at a time. We’ve reviewed a lot of SyncApps features and came up with a few more features for our user base to utilize. Here’s the rundown!

  • Tags support is now live for ActiveCampaign! Enjoy better organization for your integrations and data.
  • We’ve exposed the Language Field Mapping in Step 4 for Mailchimp, which makes for better and more accurate filtering of your customers worldwide!
  • When contradicting options collide, it results in a quick trip to the Customer Care hotline. SyncApps addresses a familiar Mailchimp Integration error by auto-disabling the “Use Tags” option whenever a user enables the Full Sync feature in Step 2.
  • Sometimes we run integrations and have that “Oh, Sh***” moment, realizing we need to update some information. With NetSuite integrations, you can take it easy – SyncApps now allows for real-time editing of Sync Profiles while a sync is in progress. Whew!
  • Here’s a new feature for Salesforce and Constant Contact: we now auto-delete old date from converted leads from the Main List. This only applies to the Main List, so you’ll still have copies of the data retained and available if you need to revert back!
  • This an all-around new feature for everyone – we’ve rolled out “Sync Mailchimp Groups to CRM” to the integration steps for better sync flow!
  • Act-On users can now filter out unsubscribed accounts from their marketing campaigns, with the “Do not sync unsubscribed status to CRM” function now live. Try it out now!
  • Free trialers can now retrieve unlimited records from Xero. It’s accounting made easy.
SyncApps Enhancements

SyncApps Enhancements 

What isn’t broken doesn’t need to be fixed – but that doesn’t mean we have to stop improving! We’ve looked into certain features and thought hey, we can make these better. Here are some of the major enhancements we’ve implemented for Q2:

  • Have you been looking for the “Run Concurrent Syncs” feature? It’s now in Step 6 of the integration process!
  • We’ve enabled Mailchimp Language support for NetSuite integrations. Hooray!
  • Similarly, for NetSuite integrations, we’ve exposed the Language Field for Field Mapping when accessing the Contact Saved Search results. Better searches, better segmenting of leads from NetSuite!

And there you have it – this quarter’s updated features and enhancements. We’ve got more in store for you in the coming months too, so don’t forget to check back in with us for bigger and better surprises. See you soon for the next update!

For more in-depth articles about SyncApps and partner software, check out our Help Center, which is a great resource for SyncApps experts and newcomers alike!

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