The 2019 Martech 5000 Report: Celebrating Industry Growth

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The 2019 Martech 5000 Report: Celebrating Industry Growth

Scott Brinker from has been releasing his annual marketing technology report during the summer since 2011.

The cheekily-named Martech 5000 report is always a source of excitement for Martech (shorthand for marketing technology) entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. This year is no different – released in April 2019, the Martech 5000 report covers an astonishing 7,040 marketing technologies across six categories.

Covering Data, Content & Experience, e-Commerce, Management, Commerce & Sales, Social & Relationships, and Advertising & Promotions, the Martech 5000 collates global information and arranges it in easy-to-understand infographics to help guide professionals and enthusiasts through the growing industry in fun infographics and organized sheets that are shareable and downloadable.

The report maps out the Martech landscape, from the top industry players and pioneers to the young startups making waves in the industry, and makes it available to everyone – for free.

It’s an interesting timeline to consider, as SyncApps was still in its infancy during that time used in only custom integrations until, Cazoomi, the product’s parent company, was conceptualized and realized in San Francisco, CA, back in 2009. It cemented its seed funding and initial partnerships for both large and small business integration the following year and officially launched SyncApps, an iPaaS, the year following that.

To be exact, SyncApps by Cazoomi, as we know it went live in March 2011 – only three or so months before the first Martech 5000 report was released. From its first impactful first appearance in the Martech scene to its stance today as an industry leader, SyncApps has come a long way – with Scott Brinker’s Martech 5000 marking their progress with every passing year.

So what is this Martech 5000 report anyway? We’ve covered the technical explanation above, but what does this all mean for someone unfamiliar?

The first thing to note about this report is what it’s reporting about precisely.

Marketing technology, or martech for short, are technologies designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses market their services and products. Martech isn’t strictly relegated to the digital realm, either; in 2019’s report alone, the subcategory for Advertising & Promotion includes a section for Print technologies. Martech covers several aspects of marketing and advertising, from the design process to the management of marketing campaigns.

The report started in 2011 and has become something of a de-facto visual guide for the growth and development of the martech industry. This labor of love by Scott Brinker started as a one-person research project and has now evolved into a full-blown annual project that receives submissions for review every year.  From roughly 150 technologies back in 2011, the report now categorizes and indexes now 7,040 technologies for 2019.

Industry leaders like Amazon, Google, Dropbox, HubSpot, Klaviyo, MOZ, Salesforce, SyncApps, and Zoho CRM are well-represented in the report, as well as tons of both established and up-and-coming technologies from various subcategories in the industry.

Crunching the numbers, that’s a growth of 4593.33% in the Martech industry since 2011 based on the report alone – the Martech industry is continuing to grow and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. This development is beneficial for consumers and users, as it indicates a healthy and competitive industry that’s sure to keep itself on its toes in terms of developing better and faster technologies.

The report is continually evolving, as well. By Scott Brinker’s admission on 2019’s report, some sectors weren’t included in the report, such as the Canadian Martech landscape, the Finnish Martech landscape, the Chinese Martech landscape, and the German Martech landscape.

Scott Brinker and his team hope to be able to make the report as accurate as possible in spite of the light-speed development of Martech all over the world.

Are you interested in checking out the Martech 5000 2019 edition report? You can find it here.

Happy reading!