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The Perfect Integration Trick for HR & Outsourcing Companies: HubSpot Campaigns to Zoho Notes
  • March 01, 2021|
  • 3 minute read

Personalized emails get 6 times more results than non-personalized ones. 82% of marketers report better results when using personalized emails. Personalized email marketing has a median ROI of 122%. There are hundreds of similar statistics — you might have read them here or somewhere else before, so I won’t dwell on them anymore.

On our blog, we’ve said it countless times: personalize or perish — in every marketing tactic. It’s 2021, so mass marketing is no longer a thing!

However, there’s personalization and personalization. For instance, our subscribers in the eCommerce industry can easily segment after the type of product bought, the interval between purchases, socio-demographic factors, and many others. Even when they go super in-depth with their segmentation they are still left with a sizeable list for each segment.

There are industries where things aren’t as easy, though. HR and outsourcing spring to mind first. When you help someone find a job or when you work with a client that needs staffers with specific skills, personalization has to be at a whole new level.

This is the case of one of our subscribers, Headway Workforce Solution, an outsourcing company whose bold mission statement says that they offer customized HR solutions across the US.

Yes, that’s a mighty tall order.

If you’re as curious about how they do it as we were, here’s a quick sneak peek: Headway uses the HubSpot for Zoho CRM integration to keep tabs on all their campaigns and to make sure that their subscribers and clients receive the promised customized solutions.

More specifically, they use one of our coolest features: syncing HubSpot email campaign metrics to Zoho CRM Notes. This particular feature can be turned into an ROI goldmine.

Zoho CRM Notes are one of the easiest ways to communicate between departments. For instance, after analyzing the results of a certain campaign, the marketing department can add specifications and comments in Notes. The sales reps get the Notes instantly and they know whom to contact with priority.

When you use HubSpot’s comprehensive email campaign manager, a lot of things can get lost between departments if HubSpot is not integrated with Zoho. Luckily, this can be done very easily:

Email Campaign metrics back to Zoho CRM Campaigns or Campaign Response Fields

Headway uses the HubSpot for Zoho CRM integration to create a seamless bridge between marketing and sales and to deliver on a very important promise: customized solutions in HR.

Their customers get the royal treatment and this doesn’t cost Headway an arm and a leg. With a few clicks, they can flag any follow-ups or sales calls to be made at the right time. And what’s not to love there?

Think about it this way: you just got an email about a staffing solution. You clicked on one of the two links in the email — say the link about hiring cleaning professionals and ignored the one about hiring receptionists. A few hours later, you get a call about a personalized offer for hiring cleaning professionals.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and, most importantly, it’s convenient for both service providers and their customers.

Zoho CRM  Notes

Want to learn more about how to sync your marketing metrics from all your campaigns in your CRM. Check out our video:

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