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Turning Email Marketing into Bidirectional Communication: NetSuite with ActiveCampaign – Update Profile Form Feature
  • March 25, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

Back in college, one of the first things I learned about communication and PR was that old-school communication used to be one-directional: the emitter would send a message and the receiver would listen. That was it.

Modern communication, however, was bi-directional: the emitter would send a message, the receiver would listen AND answer back or offer feedback. We were told that a big part of our job would be listening to the answers and adjusting our future messages accordingly.

For me, college time was longer ago than I like to admit, but still, my professors were right. Modern communication and marketing are all about listening to what your audience has to say and adjusting your messages based on their feedback.

With a small exception: email marketing. Very few people answer newsletters, so we sometimes think about emails as shots in the dark. Sure, we track some metrics so we know who got the message, who read it, who clicked on a link, and even who made a purchase.

But we don’t really “talk” to our subscribers. Not in a conventional way, at least.

Still, feedback is feedback and, as marketers, we’d be remiss if we didn’t listen in closely to everything a subscriber has to say, whether they say it with words, with a click, or with an unsubscribe.

Today, silence from the receiver is feedback. If we don’t hear back in a way or the other or if the receiver is completely passive (no opens, no clicks, no purchases), then we know something is wrong.

And we take action. Or we should take action.

The trouble is that sometimes all the fancy tools are in the way of proper, modern communication. Our mission at SyncApps is to change that. To make the marketing automation solutions work for you seamlessly, not add more tasks and more dilemmas to your plate.

One of our newest features does just that: it helps you gather feedback and act on it easily.

Meet the Webhook feature in ActiveCampaign.

Here’s what the webhook feature in ActiveCampaign (Update Profile Form Feature) does: when a record is updated in ActiveCampaign by the admin or the subscriber, that will automatically reflect in the NetSuite records, especially on the existing ones.

Got a subscriber that unsubscribed? You won’t be in danger of breaking the SPAM-CAN act, California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA and CASL laws or GDPR — this will be reflected in your NetSuite records as well. Did the ActiveCampaign admin mark a subscriber as interested in a certain product because they clicked on a link multiple times? Your sales team can easily view that in NetSuite and act on it.

The possibilities of acting on subscriber feedback are endless — you can create your own configuration and your own flows. But just in case you need some inspiration, here are two use cases from our subscribers.

WoodWing is a digital marketing agency that offers tech-powered marketing solutions to its customers. As a company at the forefront of marketing technology, they know the power of seamless integration and feedback use all too well.

WoodWing uses SyncApps to integrate subscriber updates from ActiveCampaign to NetSuite. Whenever a subscriber status is changed, the records in both ActiveCampaign and NetSuite will reflect that. We love how WoodWing manages inactive subscribers — it clearly shows that they know a huge marketing list is just a vanity metric, so they focus on the users that are active and that can be converted. Here’s how they do it:

  • In Field Mapping – Update records in NetSuite if they update the record in ActiveCampaign (Here’s how Field Mapping works)
  • Remove records in ActiveCampaign List if they are marked as Inactive in NetSuite.
  • Subscription to List feature and list membership removal as it’s removal from a list in AC when the NetSuite Subscription is updated. Check out this article here.

Elmo Solutions is a leader in the CAD-ERP integration industry. Their focus is a bit different. They wanted new subscribers prospects to be integrated from ActiveCampaign to NetSuite. Our feature helps them too!

With the ActiveCampaign to NetSuite integration, Elmo Solution never misses an opportunity for lead nurturing. The fact that they use two powerful solutions works to their advantage, not against them.

Prospect Customer

Field Mapping

Want to leverage this feature just like our subscribers do or build your own use case? Try it out for free!

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