Two Major iPaaS Must-Haves — Flexibility and Choice (And Why They Matter to You So Much)
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Two Major iPaaS Must-Haves -- Flexibility and Choice (And Why They Matter to You So Much)

iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) refers to a combination of cloud solutions designed to facilitate workflow automation. These solutions are necessary for: 

  • Integration flows
  • Application Programming Interface (API)

iPaaS works by integrating with other existing applications within your business. The iPaaS vendor provides the server, data infrastructure, and other software tools. These tools facilitate the integration of on-premise applications and data with the cloud. 

Why iPaaS is a Must-Have

iPaaS is a must-have mainly because it fosters integration. A study by Ascend 2 found that 57 percent of marketers recognize segregation as a barrier to success. Whereas most companies are quick to adopt SaaS solutions to grow their business, very few identify the role of iPaaS for integration. 

The difference between SaaS and iPaaS is integration. SaaS solutions are usually affordable and require very few technical skills from you. But rely on too many of them and you’ll end up with disparate data hosted in different “cloud” and with no means to derive important insights across solutions.

iPaaS connects this disjointed system to make it a unified solution. It becomes a tool that facilitates communication between systems, thereby allowing data sharing and integration. 

The Two Major iPaaS Must-Haves

There is no shortage of iPaaS vendors in the market. This has resulted in a huge global growth of the industry

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OK, commercial break over. Let’s get back to our proverbial sheep.

However, what do you look for when you are considering purchasing an iPaaS? Well, there are two main factors: choice and flexibility. 

1. Choice: When it comes to purchasing software, most of us feel that we have limited options. We think that we may have to opt for software in which the design has already been set up for us. 
However, this is not the case. There is software that offers Do-It-Yourself (DIY) integrations, simple architecture and customization options that suit your business needs. 

You do not have to settle for less. The DIY option has its benefits. For starters, this option gives you the freedom to map out the iPaaS architecture yourself without feeling the need for a third-party. Also, this option gives you the freedom to handle the software however you wish. 

The software you choose can also come with a combination of DIY integration and managed services. If there is something you can’t handle, then you can reach out to your vendor to do it for you. 

2. Flexibility: The iPaaS you choose must have a flexible architecture. This means that the tool should seamlessly connect all your business processes while at the same time meeting all the immediate and future needs of the business.
One of the factors that remain constant is change. Your company is likely to experience an increase in data as well as changes in the corporate culture. An ideal iPaaS solution should be flexible enough to meet all your current and future objectives. Such a solution is scalable and user-friendly. 

With these two factors in hand, you are likely to purchase an iPaaS solution that boosts agility in your workplace. Presently, managers are aware that technology is an essential strategy for overcoming the competition.

Therefore, you cannot slack off when it comes to empowering your workforce. It would help if you empowered your technical and business team with the ability to choose how to execute integrations depending on the different resources, skill-level, and business strategy.

Doing so contributes positively to the total cost of ownership as well as the time-to-market period. 

Companies should also have a flexible strategy that offers choices on how to design and deploy B2B integrations on their own. Your iPaaS vendor should provide support out of the box to speed up the integration process. iPaas is definitely changing the rules of engagement in business. So, talk to our experts and put your business back on track now.

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