Unlimited Team Members

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Unlimited Active Team Members

What if… You woke up this weekend and received the awesome news saying that your Professional and Enterprise integration account with SyncApps, just got an upgrade:

As of this weekend you now have

Unlimited Active Team Members

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it means that you can now not share a login with a coworker, CRM or eCommerce consultant or even your CPA. Starting this weekend you can invite your coworkers, consultants to see your integration workflows, set up, and did we mention unlimited team members. CFO, CMO, CRO, CEO, CTO, all the acronyms in your organizations plus any software consultants or CPA firms, you name it they are in!

How can you thrive your SyncApps Integration workspace using Unlimited active team members:

  • Build integrations and share – quickly build a Sync Profile to share with your colleagues or consultants, or any partner you are working with today.
  • Unlimited data and reports – sync unlimited data within your team plan, whether that be a few records or 1,000,000+ as well as any integration you set up can be shared with any team member on your account.
  • Manage only 1 subscription with unlimited platform access for all your team.
  • The ability to integrate the software your team uses in your industry you work in daily at the office or at home is key to reducing manual tasks dealing around data integration.
  • With teams, the number of integrations you can create is based on the plan you have today, Professional or Enterprise. Create 5 to 100+ integrations—we’re enabling your organization to break down the walls between Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing and Support with a simple, yet powerful feature, Unlimited Team Members.

Like what you hear? Get started inviting your team today by heading to My Account inside your SyncApps dashboard.