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What is Social CRM and Why Do You Need it?
  • May 02, 2019|
  • 4 minute read
What is Social CRM and Why Do You Need it?

The term social CRM or social Customer Relationship Management refers to the process of management, engagement, and maintenance of customer relationship through the use of social media.

Social CRM is a modern concept in marketing.

This concept seeks to identify and harness touch points existing via social media platforms that facilitate the maximization of customer loyalty.

A social CRM is a tool that combines the power of a regular CRM with integrated social media features. An all-in-one-wonder, if you will.

We’ve spoken a lot about integration on this blog. You know that it’s vital to the success of any company.

And, much like integration, social CRM can either be a technology or a concept. Whatever you think it to be, one thing is certain: the mentality is what matters most.

When you have an integrative approach over your campaigns, your customers notice. And they buy.

Here’s what an integrative social media + CRM can do for you.

So, why do you need social CRM?

Social media platforms are a goldmine.

About 3.8 billion people are engaging online via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The high number of users makes social media platforms a critical tool in digital marketing. These platforms pave the way for generating leads, branding, and sales.

Also, social media sites allow businesses to engage in customer relationship building in a bid to maximize customer loyalty.

Through social CRM, your business will be in a much better position to:

1. Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Most people use social media platforms to look for the brand/product that meets their needs. Through social CRM, a business gets data on demographic patterns, customers’ interests, and preferences, as well as customers concerns.

A good social CRM tool helps the business develop customer models from the data obtained. Through these models, the business can generate leads and engage in customer conversion.

2. Obtain Transparency

Centralizing CRM data to include the organization’s social media profiles helps you get a more transparent process overall.

If you are using Twitter, for example, the data obtained from a centralized social CRM will help you identify which clients to target. Who is more likely to buy based on their interactions with your brand across platforms?

Plus, you get to derive valuable insights and patterns. In a nutshell: a peek into what makes your customers tick (and buy).

3. Develop a Competitive Advantage

Social media allows you to communicate with (potential) clients.

We all know that.

But there’s a catch: the competitive advantage depends on HOW you communicate. You can choose to post your offers and ads like everyone does, then hope people will come flocking.

OR you can do all of the above PLUS survey your potential customers. Engage in actual conversations with them. Learn what they love and what they hate.

Then build better campaigns.

4. Get a Better Marketing ROI

Get a Better Marketing ROI

Social CRM is the path to higher ROI. Sounds too bombastic?

Think about it for a minute. You get to integrate all your marketing and sales channels in a single dashboard.

You then get insights and reports from each of those channels. More importantly, you get COMBINED reports on the performance of the channels.

In other words: you learn what works and what doesn’t. You don’t speculate. You KNOW where to invest and what to ignore.

That’s ROI. Literally.

5. Improved R&D

Unlike traditional approaches, social CRM allows you to obtain real-time feedback and valuable insights concerning both the customers and the market.

This information enables you to identify new opportunities for growth. Social CRM expands your company’s research and development capabilities.

Improved R&D

Integrating your CRM to include your social media platforms allows the organization to boost its revenue through data-powered marketing strategy significantly. Need to know more about choosing the right social CRM tool? We’re always happy to help! Drop us a line anytime!

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