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Why Your IT Business Has to Sync All its Cloud Applications/Assets?
  • July 23, 2019|
  • 4 minute read
Why Your IT Business Has to Sync All its Cloud Applications/Assets?

How many times have you dealt with the wrong data? How much trouble did it get you into?

If you’re keeping up with the times, your business uses several cloud-based solutions, and each is important to your business. But how are you handling all that data?

Does your team have to update data to each manually? How easy is it to share data between solutions?

Having to deal with all the typos, wrong inputs, and errors must be time-consuming and frustrating.

More importantly, it’s an inefficient and costly way to run your business. It’s time you sync all your cloud assets.

Benefits of Syncing all Your Cloud Applications/Assets



Everything is kept up to date. Changes to one app automatically synchronize to all others. This way, your staff does not have to manually input or export data to every solution.

Synced data ensures efficiency, consistency, and integrity. You only have to update one of your solutions, and the other systems get updated automatically.

Sixty-five percent of data inaccuracies are due to human error. Any extra digit or missing number can result in problems that extend to your customer. Inaccurate data causes 29 percent of businesses to lose out on potential customers.

When data is automatically updated across every platform and in real time, the figures remain accurate. Whatever solutions you use will have the same data as the rest, making it easier to make accurate decisions.

Errors made are also rectified from a single point without having to manually correct from individual cloud assets.

Easier Collaboration

Easier Collaboration

Automatic data syncing ensures that all departments in your business are up to date with the latest developments. The different teams do not duplicate data, and once you convert a prospect into a client, data does not need retyping.

Their information is automatically updated and synchronized across all your tools. Information is also easily shared and communicated across departments. Collaboration fuels motivation and drives workplace performance.

Better Customer Service Made Easy

Better Customer Service Made Easy

Syncing data allows you to build lasting relationships with customers. Fifty-two percent of consumers will switch providers if they get poor customer service. Staying on top of your data ensures you offer seamless customer services and satisfaction.

Synchronizing data allows your teams to know what is happening at any one given time. This means that whenever a customer calls, there are no embarrassing moments even when you don’t know why or how to solve their problem.

Your team has a 360-degree view of the client. They know what’s going on and where. They have all the client information they need, and they know how the client connected with your brand.

It becomes easy to share accurate information on a customer across all departments. This seamless integration allows for streamlined customer relations, which leads to better retention and increased loyalty.



Your teams no longer need to spend time on manual data inputs. Instead, they can use this time to carry out other activities geared towards achieving the company goals.

They also have time to create new marketing campaigns and engage customers on various platforms.

Improved Workflow

Improved Workflow

With so much data from various systems and platforms, you may have a hard time moving seamlessly between tasks. You need to evaluate the data collected, how it relates to that from other solutions, and what it means for your business.

The confusion can affect your productivity and focus. A holistic view of your data makes it easy to evaluate facts, figures, and results. It makes it easier to prepare for the future and judge performance.

Syncing your cloud solutions allow you to integrate customer data across all your platforms. It becomes easy to monitor all your tools since everything gets updated in real time. You can streamline your business workflow, increase productivity, and get a return on investment.

You work faster and more intelligently. You know how your business is performing, and you can make changes to streamline processes that are not working. Staying on top of your data ensures you don’t lose revenue opportunities and that you can efficiently grow your business.

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