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SyncApps Integration with Zoho CRM Frequently Asked Questions
  • April 30, 2015|
  • 8 minute read

Are you new to SyncApps integrations, specifically with Zoho CRM?  Have you been encountering any hurdles in subscribing and setup with SyncApps integration around Zoho CRM?  What about checking out these solutions which cover our frequently asked questions in regards to using Zoho integrations.  Always know that in every problem, there’s always a solution!  And rest assured that the problem you are having with SyncApps integrations, we’ve most likely got a detailed solution from another subscriber just like you.  Join in our community to see how other subscribers are solving integration challenges today here.

SyncApps Integrations with Zoho CRM Frequently Asked Questions

Leads from automation campaign weren’t updated in Zoho CRM?

Have you set up sync process from MailChimp to a customize module in Zoho CRM Enterprise a day before and then as you checked up on it, only to find the sync process related to contacts was able to update Zoho CRM yet the other sync (to CRM leads) has not updated anything in Zoho?  Sounds familiar?

Now, the first thing for you to do is check the Sync Details in your Sync Profile as we show all 4 Mailchimp Campaigns syncing over:

Done checking your Sync Details? Is everything working? Or is it lacking some information about a few of your Mailchimp Campaigns statistics within Zoho CRM?

Well, this issue has already been addressed by utilizing the Custom Module feature we have for Zoho CRM Enterprise clients.

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How can I change the labels of the custom fields in SyncApps to Constant Contact?

Wanting to change the labels of the custom fields when performing the field mapping when setting up a Sync Profile?  Let’s take a look at this example.  Custom Field 01, Custom Field 02, Custom Field 03 —— and labelling them new as Channel for Custom Field 01, Record Type for Custom Field 02, and so on.  Is this even possible?

Absolutely, yes!

Do these following steps in renaming your Custom Fields:

*Rename the custom field as you see fit.  You’ll want to keep it under 255 characters.

*Remove the custom field by clicking the X icon.

*Add a new custom field by clicking “Add custom field”.

You then just have to be sure you’ve jotted these labels down to be used in your Sync Profile to map the 1-5 custom fields available to your CRM field(s).

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My list in MailChimp is not being updated to remove deleted leads from my Zoho CRM

Do you have a Leads & Contacts list in MailChimp which is synced from Zoho CRM using our Cazoomi SyncApps integration?

Was it like this, first you cleaned up your entire leads list in Zoho CRM reducing your over 11,000 leads to around 8,000?  And after this, you did manual syncing using SyncApps?

What happened next?  You checked it again and discovered that your leads list in MailChimp hasn’t changed in size and is still over 11,000.

Our simple solution to that would be clearing your account’s cache.  BUT, we’ve done far more than that as we already have set the “Sync deleted Contacts or Leads in Zoho CRM to MailChimp”.  You then just need to enable it before doing a sync so that SyncApps will get to know the deleted contacts to sync to MailChimp in order to remove them.

We have also set the “Sync deleted Contacts or Leads in Zoho CRM to MailChimp” for you which needed to be enabled before doing a sync so SyncApps will know the deleted contacts to sync to MailChimp in order to remove them.

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Trying to sync from Constant Contact to Zoho without last name?

Whenever you try syncing your data from Constant Contact to Zoho but it is giving you an error message “Sync Error” such as shown below,

Unable to sync Contact [id=/ws/customers/moran4233/contacts/153,, title=, firstName=, middleName=, lastName=, companyName=, homePhone=, workPhone=, ] to Zoho CRM. Last name is required.

No worries as we have rolled out this feature for all those needed to migrate data or using lead pages.  Just email our Support team ( if you like this feature enabled in your SyncApps account.

Supported CRMs:

(Bullhorn CRM, Base CRM, Highrise, MSCRM 4.0, MSCRM 2011/2013/2015, NetSuite, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM)

Remember, that for Contact or Lead creation, use “Unknown” as last name if last name is blank to successfully sync to CRM.

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Is there a way to generate a report to have the opens, clicks, and bounces totaled for the campaign in Zoho?


You’ve read it right!  There is way to generate a report for the campaigns in Zoho Enterprise Edition.  It’s with the use of our Zoho CRM Custom Modules for Campaign Response Sync.

What is its role?  It syncs Email Service Provider (ESP) Campaign Responses to Custom Modules in Zoho CRM Enterprise.  The ESPs that are supported by this are Act-On, Constant Contact, MailChimp, VerticalResponse and a lot more.  But note that this feature is only available on the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition.

To use Sync Campaign Response to Custom Module feature, please go to the following URL to setup required modules and fields:…

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Syncing of Deletions between Constant Contact and Zoho CRM possible?

Do you use Cazoomi SyncApps integration to do a daily sync between Constant Contact and Zoho CRM?  If so, would you ask that if a contact record is deleted from Constant Contact, will the next syncing delete it from the Zoho database?

 What we can say around that issue is that it is not feasible from Constant Contact Lists.  But yet, this is possible if the contact is deleted from CRM, as CRM to Constant Contact can delete the record via the API.

 So, this means that when you are to delete a contact from Constant Contact, the record will just be added back into Constant Contact on the next sync.  Remember, syncing of deletions can be done if you are to delete from your Zoho Campaign(s) to Constant Contact List(s) OR syncing all contacts from Zoho.

 Our other option for you to prevent implementing a manual process is just to unsubscribe the Constant Contact subscribers marking them as Opted-out in CRM which would solve this requirement.

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Sync App Grouping names from Zoho CRM to MailChimp

 Are you using the “group title” to override the “sync app groupings” group title but as soon as you add the new title, it still has the “sync app grouping” title?  You are annoyed about it and you want it to be removed?  Here’s what you’ll need to do.

 Simply delete “sync app groupings” grouping in MailChimp.  Then please reset your Sync Profile to make sure grouping is recreated with the new group title.

 And that’s it!


Why are only 90 records updated from Zoho CRM to Constant Contact when we have over 1500 contacts in ZOHO?

 You’re questioning why only 90 contacts were synced from your over 1500 contacts in Zoho to Constant Contact.  Well, let’s investigate the factors why this happened with your account.

 One is maybe your account is just on our 2 Week Free Trial SyncApps syncing only 100 records.  Know that all SyncApps Free Trials limit records to 100.

 Another one is maybe your contacts didn’t meet these following criteria.

  • Only contacts and leads with valid email addresses will be synced.
  • If two or more contacts or leads have the same email address, then only one contact or lead will be synced for that email address.
  • Role addresses, group addresses and aliases email addresses are excluded in the sync.  Examples: abuse@, admin@, serviceadmin@, all@, everyone@, ftp@, sales@, marketing@,, etc.
  • Any Contact that is opted out in your CRM is excluded on any sync (Zoho CRM and NetSuite)
  • Contacts that have Do Not Allow, donotbulkmail set to true are excluded on each sync (Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

 In order to sync all of your records, do an upgrade to your account today by pressing UPGRADE!

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What are the other apps that Zoho CRM can also be synced?

Apps such as MailChimp and Constant Contact are what Cazoomi SyncApps subscribers mostly use with Zoho CRM integrations.  But we have more than 10 integrations for Zoho CRM.  Your favorite apps might be able to sync with Zoho so browse SyncApps today!

View the complete set of apps that Zoho CRM can be synced with here.

If you like to participate in forums where your questions can be entertained with credible persons, be part of the Cazoomi Community.  And if you prefer an immediate response to your Zoho CRM SyncApps integrations issues, contact our Support team at and get the best solution from our CRM experts.



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