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Education Dramatically reduce your time spent on student and financial administration, as well as student outreach marketing.
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Industry Guide Automation for Educational Institutions: Preparing for a Technology-Enabled Future

Top Integrations

Explore our top integrations for Education Industry software. Learn how SyncApps provides a fully integrated solution for your business.
Mailchimp for Salesforce integration Mailchimp for Salesforce Update educational records bidirectionally, necessary for any educational institution.
Salesforce to Mailchimp flowchart
Salesforce to Constant Contact Constant Contact for Salesforce Integrate with SyncApps for free for your institution.
Salesforce to Constant Contact flowchart
Fordham University Story With SyncApps, Fordham University is able to integrate unlimited data from SugarCRM to Mailchimp.
Why choose SyncApps? SyncApps automate your student and financial records with ease. Seamless and hassle-free, you can focus on other things that matter to your institution.
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The SyncApps Advantage
Easy Easily set up your integration and be free to grow your business without the data integration hassle.
Fast SyncApps does the heavy lifting for your business. With our real-time syncing, SyncApps automatically syncs your data for you!
Reliable Reliable real-time sync, set your data administration on autopilot with SyncApps. Giving you financial peace of mind as you are growing your division, SyncApps manages the daily flow of data for your software.
Customizable Customize your integration with SyncApps. CRM integration customizations are available based on your integration needs.
Scalable Fits any level or size organization. From single to multiple locations, SyncApps supports multi-location for your education centric business. Growing an institution or department is difficult enough, let SyncApps technology do the integration work for you!
Supported Cazoomi Premium Support - Connect with the SyncApps platform team, share ideas, and get answers to your integration or implementation questions 24/7.
150+ Integrations to power your business.
"If you want to sync Salesforce or other CRM data to your email management system, this software is the answer! You get the first sync profile for free, so it definitely worth your time to try it out." - Emily F., Verified Review from G2 Crowd
Automate your Education Industry software with SyncApps today!
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