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Manufacturing & Construction Take charge of your separate systems used to manage each phase of your business to connect you to the insights you need.

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Explore our top integrations for Manufacturing & Construction apps. Learn how SyncApps provides a fully integrated solution for your business.
Mailchimp for Salesforce Mailchimp works hand-in-hand with your Salesforce workflow. See Features
Dynamics 365 to Constant Contact. Enable your growing business to connect Dynamics 365 directly to Constant Contact. See Features
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"We actually have 3 separate lists in Mailchimp for 3 checkboxes in CRM as we don’t want people unsubscribing from everything, which is what would happen if it was a single list. SyncApps solves this requirement for us!"
Paul S., Ayaltis AG
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Cazoomi solutions now extends its reach to complement your Constant Contact experience for 25+ software applications. See here
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Why choose SyncApps? We enable you to take charge of your separate systems used to manage each phase of your business to connect you to the insights you need for your Manufacturing or Construction firm.
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The SyncApps Advantage

Easy Easily set-up your integration and be free to go grow your business without the data intgration hassle.
Fast SyncApps does the heavy lifting for your business. With our real-time syncing, SyncApps automatically syncs over customer and marketing data to give your business a 360 degree view of the customer.
Reliable Reliable daily sync, set your business on autopilot with SyncApps. Giving you peace of mind as you are growing your manufacturing or construction business, SyncApps manages the daily flow of data for your apps.
Customizable Customize your integration with SyncApps. Constant Contact integration customizations are available based on your integration needs.
Scalable Fits any size firm. From single to multiple warehouse or business locations, SyncApps supports multi-instance for your sales drive business. Growing a business is difficult enough, let SyncApps technology do the integration work for you!
Supported Cazoomi Premium Support - Connect with the SyncApps platform team, share ideas, and get answers to your integration or implementation questions 24/7.
100+ Integrations to power your business. Try SyncApps now. Get Started
"Cazoomi's Salesforce CRM Sync is exactly what we needed. It automatically creates lists in Constant Contact for every campaign we create in Salesforce (which is priceless), and it even brings the campaign responses and opt-outs back into Salesforce!" CRM Admin | Altarum
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