Paragon Stairs

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Paragon Stairs is a stairs manufacturer and seller since 1947. With such a long background, you have to ask yourself what the secret to their success is.

Paragon Stairs integrates Salesforce for Klaviyo of Syncing Persons Account


Paragon Stairs is a stairs manufacturer and seller since 1947. With such a long background, you have to ask yourself what the secret to their success is.

The design experience, along with their huge array of products have undoubtedly contributed to positioning them as leaders in their field. But great products and great expertise mean very little when your marketing is off.

Let’s take a close look at how Paragon Stairs masters not only their field of activity but also their marketing and sales.


Who doesn’t need stairs? We usually ignore staircases that pop up in our way, unless we have to climb them ourselves. But the truth is that staircases are ubiquitous — everyone needs them, individuals and companies.

Thus, Paragon Stairs has a huge audience to cater to. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to sell something everyone needs.


Paragon Stairs uses Klaviyo for Salesforce for syncing their accounts. Their online shop is massive: with more than 5,000 options for staircases, you can only imagine the size of their email list.

With thousands of products for dozens of different types of customers with different budgets in mind, segmentation is far from being a walk in the park. It’s more like running up a steep staircase (see what I did there?).

With their data scattered between the two solutions, Paragon Stairs needed a unifying option. This is where SyncApps came into play.

We’ll get to how we helped them with segmentation in a moment. But first a primer on why the manufacturing and construction industry chooses SyncApps for their integration needs.

Featured highlights for manufacturing and construction:

Manage each phase of your manufacturing and construction business for your team by building trust, delivering quality, and excellence to your clients!

  • Monitor production, sales processes, and supply chain data to gain the insights you need.
  • Make data available for improved tracking of defects and advanced planning of demand for products or services between your software.
  • Streamline production while enhancing customer satisfaction through effective Marketing Automation Campaigns with syncing data back to CRM.


How do you cater to thousands of different customers in different industries and with different preferences? Think about it for a second — Paragon Stairs has to communicate with:

  • Individuals who build/renovate their own homes. They may not be repeat customers, but they could be valuable referrers.
  • Companies that build their own headquarters.
  • Construction, design, and architecture companies — a massive segment since they definitely repeat customers with large volumes.

Each one of these segments needs a different approach and they need to be added to different campaigns. And this is just one part of their segmentation, which doesn’t account for location, for instance.

Complicated, right?

But the smart Paragon Stairs marketers found an easy fix for their complicated problem:

  • Sync Accounts and Leads for more than 10 sync profiles in real-time.
  • Easily map each field from Salesforce to Klaviyo. Check out how field mapping works:

  • Syncing records make Paragon saves tons of times 2 hours a week or 10-12 days a year
  • NetSuite to Klaviyo sync flow

  • Create an Activity in each Person Account from Salesforce for Klaviyo.
  • Create an Activity in each Person Account from Salesforce for Klaviyo.

This way, they know exactly what each lead needs, and they can deliver the ideal solution. Why spend time and money marketing the cheapest staircase to a customer who’s into luxury goods? No one wants a virtual punch in the face for offending their customers, right?

Why would you even risk it when it’s so easy to target each lead according to their preferences?

This is where Person Accounts integrated via SyncApps come into play. Here’s an overview of what a Person Account is and how easy it is to use SyncApps to sync these accounts from your CRM to your marketing automation solution:

Key Outcomes

  • Save tens of man-hours each week by automating data sync.
  • Get a clear overview of the leads that are ready to convert.
  • Fast and clear segmentation across platforms to target every potential customer with the right message.
  • Less money spent on useless campaigns that irritate the customers instead of converting them.

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