Klaviyo Rules the eCommerce Space

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Klaviyo Rules The Ecommerce Space

Did you know that marketing automation platform Klaviyo scored $200M Series C on a $4.15B valuation? This happened a few months ago but it’s still one of the best pieces of news in the industry.

The Cazoomi team has worked with Klaviyo for a long time now so we know for a fact that this valuation is a bit overdue. Klaviyo is a solution that powers thousands of companies all over the world. When the pandemic hit and most of the commerce became eCommerce, Klaviyo finally got to shine to its full potential.

A lot of the eCommerce industry runs on Klaviyo. Its seamless integration with Shopify, along with the powerful marketing features make Klaviyo an industry leader.

As you might expect, Klaviyo is not the only solution savvy eCommerce marketers use. Most of them resort to another leader in the sales and marketing automation industry: Salesforce, while others pair it with NetSuite to get an even better understanding of how their finances and their marketing work together.

We are proud to offer integrated solutions to some of the top eCommerce companies out there, who didn’t just “survive” the crisis, they prospered during it.

Wondering why eCommerce companies rely on SyncApps? Here’s the short answer:

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Featured Highlights for the eCommerce Industry

Stay on track with the sales and marketing of your eCommerce products:

  • Track your eCommerce products and sales effectively without having to track down your colleagues.
  • Monitor customer activity such as conversions from multiple channels in real-time with integrated systems.
  • Put your business on autopilot through real-time integration and manage data flow between all of your software using our Sync Profile Hub™ solutions.
  • Reduce manual work: cut as much as 14 hours every week for manual data input and migration.

Our top integrations for Klaviyo can do all that and so much more. Let’s take a look at how they work and check out some real-life examples of integration leveraging from our awesome subscribers:

Klaviyo for Salesforce

Salesforce for Klaviyo
Sidney Garber

Sidney Garber is a New York-based luxury jewelry company with a history that goes back to the 1940s. Just like the jewelry they sell, they need their marketing campaigns to shine bright and feel just right for their taxing, high-end customers.

Thus, Sidney Garber uses Klaviyo for Salesforce to sync their Person’s Account and make sure that they don’t spam their customers with irrelevant messages, while, at the same time, ensuring that they meet their marketing goals.

A tough balance to strike, right?

Person Account as object type

Sidney Garber manages to strike this balance through SyncApps by:

  • Using Person Accounts in Salesforce as their system of record for data changes
  • Syncing Marketing Metrics back to Salesforce from Klaviyo Campaigns. See here how Marketing Metrics works!

This way, the changes they make in one of the platforms are automatically reflected in the other one. None of their subscribers will miss an important email because their address wasn’t added to the right list on time. And none of their subscribers who decided they don’t want to receive their messages anymore will ever be bothered by them. Yes, that’s compliance on autopilot!

Paragon Stairs

Paragon Stairs also uses Klaviyo for Salesforce syncing their accounts. Their online shop is massive: with more than 5,000 options for staircases, you can only imagine the size of their email list. With thousands of products for dozens of different types of customers with different budgets in mind, segmentation is far from being a walk in the park. It’s more like running up a steep staircase (see what I did there?).

Create new Activity every Person syncs

But the smart Paragon Stairs marketers found an easy fix for their complicated problem:

  • Create an Activity in each Person Account from Salesforce for Klaviyo.
  • Easily map each field from Salesforce to Klaviyo. See here how Field Mapping works!

This way, they know exactly what each lead needs, and they can deliver the ideal solution. Why spend time and money marketing the cheapest staircase to a customer who’s into luxury goods? No one wants a virtual punch in the face for offending their customers, right?

Why would you even risk it when it’s so easy to target each lead according to their preferences.

Here’s some overview of what a Person’s Account is and why how easy it is to use SyncApps to sync these accounts from your CRM to your marketing automation solution:

Leat to Person Accounts Flow

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Klaviyo for NetSuite

Klaviyo for NetSuite

Selling lingerie today is…complicated. Remember what we said above about offending your customers? Well, if you can do that with staircases, imagine how easy it is to step in it when you sell lingerie. Bluebella knows this. They know that segmentation is crucial when you sell both tame lingerie and the not-so-tame kind. “To each, their own” has never rung truer.


Thus, Bluebella uses Klaviyo for NetSuite for their small trade customers and for their end-users. Remember that, aside from the sensitive issues to address here, you also have to factor in the difference in price and quantity when you do wholesales versus retail.

The features Bluebella relies on regularly are:

  • TBA or Token-Based Authentication for NetSuite. See here how TBA works.

Bluebella NetSuite TBA

In other words, their sales flow has been put on autopilot and so has the connection to their inventory and financials in NetSuite. When a new collection is launched, Bluebella knows exactly what emails to send and to which of their customers. The lists are already pre-defined, all they have to do is come up with catchy email content and copy.

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