RE/MAX Commercial Capital

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RE/MAX Commercial Capital is one of Canada’s largest companies in the commercial property market. They have received numerous awards for their activity helping businesses of all sizes find the right commercial property for their needs.


RE/MAX Commercial Capital is one of Canada’s largest companies in the commercial property market. They have received numerous awards for their activity helping businesses of all sizes find the right commercial property for their needs.

With 48 years of experience in the market, they have the largest commercial property network in the market and they offer any service you may need in this area from buying and selling to property management, leasing, brokerage, and more.

If you think that real estate is a “cold” business, you may change your opinion after seeing our subscriber’s story. Chris’s family has been in this business for over 150 years, back when all records were on paper.

Read on to find out how their business keeps thriving and how they align tradition with a data-first approach that’s absolutely necessary today.


As a household name in the industry, RE/MAX Commercial Capital enjoys a large client portfolio and opens doors to almost any commercial property. As the business world rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic and some companies go back to their physical offices, RE/MAX Commercial Capital stands to see their revenue enter a new growth spurt.

Plus, the industrial real estate sector has seen an incredible boom, with large companies needing more warehousing space as people kept ordering more and more things online.

To manage their huge client portfolio that’s structured across several business divisions, they use Apto and Mailchimp. Apto is the gold standard for any business in the real estate industry and Mailchimp can help them create almost any type of marketing campaign, especially email marketing.


Our subscriber’s business is very sales-oriented. However, a lot of these sales start with a phone call, then move on to email. And, of course, their contacts have to end up in their CRM.

They have large amounts of data, but that data is siloed across various platforms. Plus, with the boom in industrial and commercial real estate, they needed a better way to manage their data.

Our subscriber has been using Salesforce through Apto for more than 10 years. But as their business grew, it also outgrew the single-solution approach.

In their own words: “Salesforce is great at a lot of things, but it’s not very good at email”. Chris tried various integration solutions on AppExchange, but none of them met his goals. He tried three solutions to get their email solution “talking” to Salesforce. He even went as far as to custom-code an integration.

“Those are brute-force solutions. They move your lists one way only. It’s not what we needed.”


Chris was looking for a solution to help him provide the right type of property to the right type of client. Personalization is key to his business. When he gets a new listing available, he needs to be able to quickly generate an email list of his contacts that would be interested in that specific property. Better yet, he needs to keep the list as small as possible, to target only his A-class regular buyers.

Powerful segmentation and bidirectional flows were the top two features Chirs was looking for and he found them both on SyncApps: “It wasn’t until we started using SyncApps that we could just select the list and POOF! it was in Mailchimp!”

The Mailchimp for Apto Integration is what helped them get their segmentation to the next level and forego simply dumping everyone in the same list.


  • Automatically create a new Contact when there is a new subscriber in Mailchimp.
  • →Apto Groups to List Views move Contacts into Mailchimp

  • Connect multiple Apto instances to multiple Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy Brokerage management and locations.
  • Bring back only records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in Apto as well as what they clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns.
  • →Easier to outsource, it notified every time contacts are interacting with who interacting email.

    →Easier to manage Email for thousands of Clients.

  • Saves Tons of time of Email Management

Feature highlights for Real Estate Industry

Boost your real estate sales and marketing by eliminating manual data entry and reliance on colleague feedback.

  • Solve data integration issues between agency-landlord records.
  • Increase rental income and number of leads by running integrated Marketing Automation Campaigns.
  • Build quality relationships with clients using better messaging through segmentation.

Key Outcomes

With the Mailchimp for Apto Integration, Chris can:

  • Create new segments for his hyper-personalized campaigns on the fly.
  • Pamper his VIP clients. For instance, Chris has clients who own real estate properties worth more than 1 billion clients. He can now only email them when it’s absolutely necessary, not spam them with just any property.
  • Save 2-3 hours in data migration and management.
  • See unsubscribes at a glance across platforms.
  • Automatically update audiences in Mailchimp or Constant Contact based on information from Salesforce.
  • Reduce the time spent on an email campaign from an hour to 10 minutes!

“SyncApps is the big tool we don’t notice anymore. Once it’s up and running, it’s just doing its thing in the background, we don’t need to tweak anything.”

Want to leverage the same features Chris does? Check out what you can do with Mailchimp for Apto