Apto and Mailchimp

Sync your records to Apto with Mailchimp and vice versa, segment your Apto records to Audiences, Groups, or Tags in Mailchimp and do all your imports and exports automatically.
See what you can do There is no limit to the things you can create with the Mailchimp for Apto integration! Better campaigns, unparalleled insights, bidirectional data flows, cooperation between departments -- all these and many others are just a click away.
Sync your Brokerage Contacts bidirectionally to Mailchimp Audience(s) and Group(s) or Tag(s).
Mailchimp Contact Rating seamlessly integrated back to Apto records.
Utilize the Multiple Group Category feature in Mailchimp right within the integration to a segment from Apto to the right Mailchimp Group Category and Mailchimp Group under each.
Sync and remove deleted records from Apto to Mailchimp.
Connect multiple Apto instances to multiple Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy Brokerage management and locations.
Automatically create a new Contact when there is a new subscriber in Mailchimp.
Apto Custom Checkbox to Mailchimp Audience(s)/Group(s) segmentation feature.
Integrate Audience(s) and Group(s) membership automatically from Mailchimp to Apto.
Create and update new Contacts via Mailchimp or Apto.
Opt-outs managed automatically by default with the ability to override opt-out settings. (Custom Opt-Outs supported via Custom Field Mapping)
Field mapping between both systems.
Bring back only records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in Apto as well as what they clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns.
Retrieve Email Campaigns in Mailchimp and create an Activity for each Campaign Response.
Sync clicked URLs from Email Campaigns back to Apto.
Trigger Mailchimp Autoresponders from Apto status field updates.
Sync and map hard bounces to any Apto custom field.
Update Apto records from Mailchimp Update Profile forms.
Apto always takes higher precedence over Mailchimp as the system of record. Any CRM record changes in Apto will always be synced to Mailchimp.
Data is synced from Mailchimp only if the email address doesn't exist in CRM at the time of syncing or you are using the Mailchimp Update Profile Form to update existing records with field updates from Mailchimp. (Field Mapping required)
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Enterprise Every feature of our Pro Plan plus more data, unlimited Set Ups and custom integrations. Perfect for small or large teams, consultants and agencies. Switch to yearly and save $960
$ 399 99
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Professional Every feature of our Basic Plan plus more data and Set Ups, dedicated customer support, custom features, and Real-time automation. Switch to yearly and save $360
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Monthly price

Plan Comparisons


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Integrations Available

Sync all 150+ integration combinations available on the SyncApps Platform.
All Integrations All Integrations All Integrations Marketing Integrations

Integration Set Up

Integration Set Up is a term that refers to the setup of two software automations, all configurations, field mapping, and scheduling.
Unlimited 10 5 1

Number of Records to Sync

Automate all the data in your organization. Built to scale.
Sync 1 Billion Records Sync 100 Million Records Sync 10 Million Records Sync 1,000,000 records

Sync Scheduling

Scheduling interval depends on your plan.
Day of the week and Flexible Real-time (2 min) and Flexible (5 min) sync interval 24 Hours

Team Members

Keep everyone on the same page with the ability to add team members from your organization needing to set up an automation.
Unlimited Unlimited 2 1

Sync on Demand

Sync your data anytime, on-demand, with the simple push of a button.

Custom Unsubscribe

Use a unique unsubscribe field to map bidirectionally in your automation for opt-out control.

Dedicated Integration Success Team

24×7 phone, chat, and email support to guide your team on best practices and workflows. Support Case prioritization when reaching out to our 24/7 Support team.

Concurrent automations runtime

Run integrations concurrently (simultaneously) in your account to streamline automations and speed up the runtime.

Override Email Field Mapping

Map email to any custom email field, bidirectionally, in your CRM.

5 hours of scheduled support calls

Dedicated scheduled phone support with our support team to cover any integration use case. Five hours of scheduled calls per year.

Unlimited Historical Campaign Metrics

Bring back months, years, or even more historical campaign data from your marketing automation platform.

Custom Solutions

Tailor your integration to meet your use cases by working with our integration experts to build out more features you need in your automation.

24/7 Support

Our team is here to guide you on any use case 24×7 via phone, chat, and email support.
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How it Works
Start Automating your Software

Setting up multiple automations is super simple. First, select the software you use to get started and name the automation. This is just a description for you to remember when you want to edit your integration later on.

After connecting your software, choose the features that match your use cases and integration requirements.

That's it! Now, set up another automation flow that will save your business time.

SyncApps Add-Ons
Full Sync (Psst! Think Automation Boost)

The Full Sync Add-On will power up your automation by automating the process of removing records from your other software being synced that no longer match your criteria in your automation. It works on all CRM and eCommerce platforms in our trials and plans.

The Full Sync can be scheduled in Step 3 to Manual, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Set the time it runs in Step 6.

It allows you to keep your systems trued up with ease.

SyncApps Add-Ons
Field Mapping

Basic fields such as Email Address, Name, Title, Address, Company Name and Email Opt Out fields are already pre-mapped. Additional custom field mapping, expression mapping, and overriding of fields like Email Address or Unsubscribe are available.

Bidirectional updates of existing records or new records is set up in Step 4. Be sure to press Reset Sync Process after adding new field mapping so all your data will be re-synced with the new field mappings.

SyncApps Add-Ons
Filter & Segmentation

Trying to automate your reports in CRM or eCommerce system then this is a great place to start. Filtering takes your records and filters them based on specified criteria you choose. Your records can be synced bidirectionally using filtering from/to your software.

Segmentation syncs records from each defined segment into separate Lists, Groups, or Tags. Use of expression mapping is supported.

SyncApps Add-Ons
Sync Scheduling

Sync Scheduling can be set up in Step 6 and automates your integration so you do not have to run it manually. Sync On-Demand is available to allow quick testing of your software's integration or to make it so you can manually run your automation.

Set the time it runs, day of the week or any schedule you choose. If you want to sync your marketing metrics in real time, then head to Step 6 for this option.


Empower your organization with our Unlimited Team Members feature so your team can manage your data integration or migration with ease!

Take your organization to the next level and keep everyone on the same page!

About Apto and Mailchimp integration
Stay more connected than ever using Apto to Mailchimp!
  • Sync your Brokerage Contacts bidirectionally to Mailchimp Audience(s) and Group(s) or Tag(s).
  • Mailchimp Contact Rating seamlessly integrated back to Apto records.
  • Utilize the Multiple Group Title feature in Mailchimp right within the integration to segment from Apto to the right Mailchimp Group Title and Mailchimp Group under each.
  • Sync and remove deleted records from Apto to Mailchimp.
  • Connect multiple Apto instances to multiple Mailchimp Accounts and vice versa for easy Brokerage management and locations.

Mailchimp has partnered with Cazoomi to deliver a new way to sync Apto for optimal targeted marketing!

We provide a fully integrated solution for Apto to Mailchimp with captured lead scoring, contact and lead data, between Salesforce to Mailchimp.

Give your small business an edge with Mailchimp.

Walkthrough video
How to Create Software Integrations with your Team

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