SodaStream (PepsiCo)

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Renowned as the producer of the consumer home carbonation product, SodaStream, SodaStream International Ltd. is an Israel-based manufacturing company which was founded in 1903 in England and later relaunched, emphasizing on their healthier drinks.

By 1978, SodaStream was distributed in Israel, and ever since consumers successfully embraced it. A new company was then established by Peter Wiseburgh which bore the name Soda-Club and patented a new brand of in-home carbonation machines for international distribution. Ten years later, the company acquired SodaStream, making it the largest home carbonation system in the world. It was 2007 when Fortissimo Capital Fund, an Israeli private equity investment group, was given a controlling interest in the company, appointing Daniel Birnbaum as CEO.

The product, SodaStream, which is distributed across 45 countries worldwide, is an initiative to get rid of up to 3,000 single-use plastic bottles and promote health and wellness. It is sparkling water which makes drinking water more fun and exciting and is a better alternative for canned and bottled carbonated soft drinks. Simply, SodaStream is a cost-effective and customizable item leading consumers to drink more water.


With over 80,000 retail stores across the globe, SodaStream distribution in the US alone needs to be managed effectively. In order to do this, a platform is needed that can help ease their business processes.


Being a multi-subsidiary, the company uses NetSuite OneWorld to manage its operations and provide real-time visibility at a headquarter level. It helps SodaStream develop and deploy standard business processes across their subsidiaries at a single click of a button.

SodaStream also makes use of Zendesk to provide excellent customer service through the creation of tasks in the form of tickets. This helps the company monitor customer issues and solutions for future use.

With SyncApps, SodaStream is able to integrate Zendesk for NetSuite.


SodaStream was on the lookout for a platform that could help them manage tickets for their USA subsidiary and others that were coming online to use Zendesk.


With SyncApps, SodaStream was able to integrate Zendesk for NetSuite. The integration helped them migrate tickets into NetSuite, update Zendesk tickets with NetSuite IDs that help indicate that the tickets were successfully created in NetSuite, and expose in the integration the address fields of customers and have them updated on the customer on NetSuite. These features in the integration greatly helped them in managing tickets.
Zendesk for NetSuite

Key Outcomes

  • Migrate 100,000s of Zendesk tickets into NetSuite in record time for historical reporting
  • Update Zendesk tickets with NetSuite IDs to indicate the ticket was successfully created in NetSuite to keep Sales and Support in sync
  • Expose in the integration the customer’s address fields and have it updated on the customer on NetSuite for better customer service resolution