World Wide Fund for Nature

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World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) needs very little introduction. The organization has been active since 1961 and had as its main goal to raise funds for the worldwide environment conservation efforts.

WWF integrates NetSuite to Mailchimp


World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) needs very little introduction. The organization has been active since 1961 and had as its main goal to raise funds for the worldwide environment conservation efforts.

In fact, the acronym initially stood for World Wildlife Fund. The change to the current one was made in 1986 when the organization established in Switzerland enlarged its mission to that of helping the environment in its entirety, not just wildlife. 

WWF South Africa was founded in 1968. Ever since then, it has continuously upheld the WWF international values and provided real support to “building a sustainable and equitable future”.


WWF South Africa has a mission that literally concerns everyone. Thus, their goal is to reach as many people as possible. Of course, segmentation is as important for them as it is for any other nonprofit, NGO or business.

While a more sustainable future concerns us all, it’s also true that different people respond to different messages and different aspects of building that future.

In order to reach the right people with the right message, WWF South Africa relies on NetSuite and Mailchimp. It is vital for them that their ERP and CRM data is synced to their Marketing Automation solution. This way, the email campaigns they send are both relevant and timely, not to mention easy to set up. 

WWF South Africa uses SyncApps by Cazoomi’s NetSuite to Mailchimp integration to ensure that all of their donors and stakeholders receive the news that is of interest to them.


When it comes to nonprofit campaigns, segmentation is the biggest challenge that marketers face. In this field, matching your ERP/CRM records to those of your Marketing Automation solution manually is simply not feasible. 

WWF South Africa started on our FREE Mailchimp for NetSuite integration plan. They reached out to us because they needed help setting up their Sync Profiles so that they can sync data from different areas of their business between Mailchimp and NetSuite and vice versa.

Furthermore, WWF South Africa was in the process of migrating their data from Dynamics 365 to NetSuite — a new hurdle that seems impossible to tackle manually without any mistakes.


Bi-directional syncing

Luckily, SyncApps by Cazoomi offers both Dynamics 365 to Mailchimp and NetSuite to Mailchimp integrations. Even more, ALL integrations offered by SyncApps are bi-directional which means that our subscribers can make sure that their data is up to date on both platforms seamlessly and with minimal human intervention.

Our system uses AI to understand precisely what our subscribers need based on how they use the integration. Thus, WWF South Africa and all our subscribers get the features they need — no clunky useless add-ins, just relevant features, and value-added Add-Ons if needed to meet any integration use case.

Our Support team set up a video call, as we do with all our free trailers, with WWF South Africa and we were able to help them with data transfers and flawless syncs without any manual work.

This way, the WWF team was free to focus on what really matters — building a better future for all of us!

Key Outcomes

  • Bi-directional sync between NetSuite and Mailchimp. This means that all the WWF South Africa contacts received triggered campaigns and newsletters based on their interests. Even more, when someone unsubscribes from their list the Mailchimp to NetSuite sync ensures that the change is reflected on both platforms.
  • A single dashboard for both platforms: this bird’s eye-view helps WWF marketers better understand which of their contacts should be targeted with certain campaigns and which should be left out — based on previous activities in both platforms.
  • Less manual work, more precision: WWF South Africa marketers don’t have to constantly switch between platforms or update things manually. SyncApps by Cazoomi takes care of all of that for them

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