NetSuite and Nimble

Easily synchronize your records between Nimble and NetSuite, allowing you to segment your NetSuite records to lists or tags in Nimble. Plus, with automatic imports and exports, managing your data has never been easier.
See what you can do There is no limit to the things you can create with the Nimble for NetSuite integration! Better campaigns, unparalleled insights, bidirectional data flows, cooperation between departments -- all these and many others are just a click away.
Sync NetSuite Companies, Contacts, Leads, and Prospects to Nimble CRM.
Custom field mapping between both systems.
Opt-outs managed automatically in Nimble from NetSuite.
NetSuite supported Saved Search record types: Contact, Customer, Employee, Partner, Transaction, and Vendor.
One-Way sync is easy as point & press a checkbox.
NetSuite Financials integrated for easy viewing inside Nimble CRM Dashboard.
Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to Nimble CRM and create a Person or Company.
NetSuite always takes higher precedence over Nimble CRM. Any contact changes in NetSuite will always be synced to Nimble CRM.
Plans that scale with your team Streamlined | Automated | 24/7 Support
Basic Designed to drive more sales, align marketing and boost donations for your growing business, nonprofit, or institution
$ 99 99
USD | Per month
Billed yearly at $959.90/yr. (20% discount)
What's included
  • Unified dashboard with 250+ prebuilt workflows. These workflows can automate the data flows necessary for increasing sales and aligning marketing strategies, eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • Create up to 5 Set Ups, integrations, which involve use case settings, mapping fields, and scheduling to automate any data integration process easily
  • Automate multiple integration use cases for Salesforce, NPSP or NetSuite for Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and others (private beta - Facebook Ads and Google Sheets)
  • Sync up to 10 million records of sales, operations, and marketing data per month to enhance the visibility across departments
  • Capture data in near real-time with data sync intervals of 5 minutes
  • Collaborate with up to two team members to build bidirectional automations with built-in workflows, scheduling, reporting, use case examples, and more
  • Review Reports Logs with sortable reporting periods up to 30 days
  • Streamline record syncing from your CRM using Filtering and Segmentation with precise criteria by creating up to 5 Filters and 5 Segmentations
  • Sync your data with a simple click, saving valuable time when it's crucial to launch marketing campaigns or transfer sales data to your marketing department
  • Our team is available round the clock to assist you with any use case through our email support services
Live Calls
Agency Perfect for small or large teams, consultants, and agencies managing integrations
$ 399 99
USD | Per month
Billed yearly at $3,839.90/yr. (20% discount)
Everything in Professional, plus
  • Discover and build new automations around your use cases with a dedicated account manager and live call support
  • Support complex use cases with Unlimited Set Ups to scale
  • Sync up to 1 billion records of sales, operations, and marketing data per month
  • Automate syncing schedule down to every 2 minutes and the day of the week or choose flexible syncing options such as syncing in intervals of minutes, hours or days.
  • Come together with unlimited team members and integration support with a shared Slack channel
  • Up to 12 months of custom data log retention
  • Enhanced metrics visibility with unlimited historical Campaign Metrics and integration start date settings control
  • Landing page field optimization back to CRM using Static Text mapping
  • Reduce multiple automation runtime lags by running 25+ integrations simultaneously
  • Access to phenomenal 24/7/365 support & SLAs
  • Retrieve historical campaign data from your marketing automation platform, spanning months or years
  • Scale Filtering and Segmentation with precise criteria by creating unlimited Filters and Segmentations
  • Customize your integration to suit your use cases by collaborating with our specialists. Our team will assist in incorporating additional features into your automation, ensuring it meets your use cases
We offer a 25% annual subscription discount on all plans for all Nonprofits, Education, Medicine, and Governmental Institutions. Learn more.
  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Agency
Plan Comparison
$ 99 99
USD | Per month
Billed yearly at $959.90/yr. (20% discount)
$ 149 99
USD | Per month
Billed yearly at $1,439.90/yr. (20% discount)
$ 399 99
USD | Per month
Billed yearly at $3,839.90/yr. (20% discount)
250+ Prebuilt Workflows There are over 250 prebuilt workflows included in every SyncApps. These workflows can automate the data flows necessary for increasing sales and aligning marketing strategies, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
Integration Set Up Integration Set Up refers to the configuration process of two software automations, which involves adjusting settings, mapping fields, and scheduling. By duplicating a Set Up, you can easily automate any data integration process to enhance the efficiency of your business.
Number of Records to Sync Sync up to 10, 100 million or even a billion+ records of sales, operations, and marketing data per month to enhance visibility for your business.
10 Million Records per month
100 Million Records per month
1 Billion Records per month
Advanced Features
Sync on Demand Easily sync your data at any time with a simple click. Save valuable time when launching your marketing campaigns or transferring sales data to the marketing department is crucial.
Custom Unsubscribe To ensure efficient bidirectional mapping and opt-out control, incorporate a unique unsubscribe field in your automation. By doing so, you can automatically handle unsubscribe requests without manual intervention, preventing any unintended communication with individuals who have opted out.
Checkbox Field Mapping Synchronization of checkbox field values between applications, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
Expression Field Mapping Refine data management by implementing expression field mapping across systems via mapping data using expressions and conditional statements.
Mailchimp MultiGroups And Advanced Segmentation Efficiently move CRM records to Mailchimp Groups based on your integration's specified Mailchimp Group Category for each Mailchimp Audience.
Sync Specific Campaigns to CRM Complete control over which Campaigns sync to CRM based on testing a use case or controlling data flow back to CRM.
Sync Specific Lists Enhance marketing insights by automating the data flow from specific list(s) back to CRM.
Filter & Segmentation Control how data flows to a subset of records based on specific criteria and/or a list, group or tag. Use 5, 10 to unlimited filters and segments.
Static Text Field Mapping To boost campaign efficiency, you can map a value from your webpage forms or marketing automation lead records back to your CRM. This will help designate the source of the record or its attribute.
Concurrent Automations Runtime To optimize automations and reduce runtime, you can now run integrations concurrently within your account. This allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple integrations.
Report Logs Enhance organizational efficiency by gaining valuable insights from historical Report Logs from 30 days, 180 days or one year.
30 days
180 days
1 year
Override Email Field Mapping You can effortlessly connect the native email field in your marketing system with a personalized email field in your CRM, allowing for two-way synchronization.
Unlimited Historical Campaign Metrics Retrieve historical campaign data from your marketing automation platform, spanning months, years, or even longer periods.
Administration & Controls
Sync Scheduling The scheduling of data syncing is based on your plan, which can be set to 5 minutes or 2 minutes to capture real-time business data or other preferred intervals. Days of the week and time of day are options.
5 minutes
2 minutes and Flexible
Day of the week and Flexible
Team Members Ensure that all team members from your organization can collaborate effectively by adding team members responsible for setting up automation.
Agency Level Service Level Agreement The Custom Service Level Agreement encompasses support, service, build time and other benefits specifically tailored for subscribers at each Agency level.
Dedicated Integration Success Team We provide round-the-clock support via phone, chat, and email to assist your team with implementing best practices and workflows. Our 24/7 Support team also offers support case prioritization when you contact us.
5 hours of scheduled support calls Sales and Marketing can team up by conducting 5 hours of support calls each year to discuss use cases and data flows.
Tailored Solutions Customize your integration to suit your specific needs by collaborating with our integration specialists. They will assist in incorporating additional features into your automation, ensuring it meets your use cases.
24/7 Support Our team is available round the clock to assist you with any use case through our email support services.

Touch base with the SyncApps Experts, share ideas, and get answers to your SyncApps questions.

  • Get a SyncApps guru dedicated to review your integration with you?
  • Need some help with your Set Up?
  • Want a SyncApps Expert to hop on an online meeting to have a look into a problem you are having?

​Scaling Up and Scaling Down. For more on our Support and Consulting offers, contact us and we'll discuss all available options including referrals to access to our network of implementation partners, if needed.

How it Works
Start automating

Setting up multiple automations is super simple. First, select the software you use to get started and name the automation.

After connecting your software, choose the workflow automations that match your use cases and integration requirements. In each Step, let our smart integration suggestions based on your chosen use case, lead you to each prebuilt automation your business needs today.

That's it! Now, you'll be able to move through the next few Steps to select more workflows your business might need.

Full Sync

The Full Sync feature will power up your sales and marketing workflows by automating the process of removing records from your marketing software when your CRM records no longer match your syncing criteria.

The Full Sync can be scheduled to run Daily, Weekly, Monthly or done manually per integration.

True up your CRM and Marketing solutions efficiently.

Field Mapping

Basic fields such as Email Address, Name, Title, Address, Company Name, Phone Number, and Email Opt Out fields are already pre-mapped. Additional custom field mapping, field expression mapping, and overriding of fields like Email Address or Unsubscribe are available under "More Options".

Bidirectional updates of existing records or new records is easy to do in this step. Be sure to press Reset Sync Process after adding new field mapping so all your data will be re-synced with the new field mappings.

Filter & Segmentation

Filtering takes your records and filters them based on your chosen criteria.

Segmentation creates Tags, Groups or Lists automatically based on your filtering criteria. The use of Field Expression Mapping is supported. See some cool Filtering and Segmentation use cases here.

Sync Scheduling

Sync Scheduling can be set up to completely automate your integration, so you do not have to run it manually. Sync On-Demand is available to allow quick testing of your software's integration or to make it so you can manually run your automation.

Set the time it runs, day of the week, or any schedule you choose. If you want to sync your marketing metrics in real-time, then head to scheduling for this option.

About NetSuite and Nimble integration
Stay more connected than ever using NetSuite to Nimble!
  • Track the total number of leads
  • Track progress on your most recent interactions
  • Keep track of your contacts and fans with a few touches
  • NetSuite contact details synced to Nimble
  • Never have to manually true up your contacts again!

NetSuite and Cazoomi deliver a new way to sync NetSuite!

We provide a fully integrated solution for NetSuite to Nimble with captured contact and customer data, from NetSuite to Nimble.

Give your small business an edge with Nimble.

SyncApps Basics
Using SyncApps for segmentation and metrics

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