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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Salesforce to MailChimp Integration

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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Salesforce to MailChimp Integration

Our successful Walkthrough Wednesdays Series has been a great way to discuss SyncApps features with our subscribers in an interactive session. Throughout the past months, we have covered a whole lot of different topics that highly helps out our subscribers.

For this month of September, we will be focusing the series on our MailChimp integrations. Starting this month with our Salesforce to MailChimp Integration – one of our top integrations since 2011.

MailChimp for Salesforce Integration Major Features

Thanks again for checking in & hope you can join us LIVE next time. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog to get all our updates for your thriving business.

The SyncApps Software Team

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About the Speaker Joanna the CSR Joanna Abrea, CMO Cazoomi Joanna leads Cazoomi's marketing initiatives, strategizing and implementing engaging content for our subscribers. With deep domain knowledge using email marketing within both small & large organizations, she is excited to join the Customer Success team's Webinar Series this 2018.
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