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How Does Mailchimp for Salesforce Integration Work
We've Simplified Integration Pricing
Sign up, connect your Software and start syncing 1 to 1,000,000 records, or even more in all Plans! No credit card required.


$ 199 99


This plan has every feature of our Pro Plan with added real-time integration feature in scheduling.

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Enterprise Plan

Comes with 20 integrations and unlimited records sync with flexible sync scheduling and 24/7 support.

Plan Includes:
All Integrations Available
20 Sync Profiles Available
Unlimited records for syncing
Real-time and Flexible Sync Interval
Unlimited Team Members
Sync on Demand
Dedicated Integration Success Service
Tailored Onboarding and Training by SyncApps Experts
Custom Solutions
Phone Support
24/7 Support and Email


$ 99 99


Everything for a thriving business needing unlimited data integration between their disparate systems.

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Professional Plan

Comes with 10 integrations and Sync Scheduling, every 1, 6, 12, and 24 hours sync interval.

Plan Includes:
All Integrations Available
10 Sync Profiles Available
Unlimited records for syncing
1, 6, 12, and 24 Hours Sync Interval
Unlimited Team Members
Sync on Demand
Dedicated Integration Success Service
Tailored Onboarding and Training by SyncApps Experts
Custom Solutions
Phone support
24/7 Support and Email


$ 49 99


This plan will get your business started with our easy point and press integration to save time integrating.

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Basic plan

Comes with 2 integrations, this plan is best for startups and small businesses with 6, 12 and 24 hours syncing interval needs.

Plan Includes:
All Integrations Available
2 Sync Profiles Available
Unlimited records for syncing
6, 12 and 24 hours Sync Interval
2 Team Members
Sync on Demand
Dedicated Integration Success Service
Tailored Onboarding and Training by SyncApps Experts
Custom Solutions
Phone support
24/7 Support and Email


$ 0


Need to replace error prone CRM data import/export for your business? This is a perfect set it & forget it plan.

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Free Plan

All Marketing Automation Software integrations available, sync unlimited records with 1 integration.

Plan Includes:
FREE for Marketing Automation
1 Sync Profile Available
Unlimited records for syncing
Sync Scheduling (24 hours Interval)
1 Team Member
Sync on Demand
Dedicated Integration Success Service
Tailored Onboarding and Training by SyncApps Experts
Custom Solutions
Phone support
24/7 Support and Email
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Frequently Asked Question
How does the free trial work?
After you create an account, your company will get instant access to all Sync Profiles for 2 weeks and we don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try Cazoomi risk-free.  Our Support team will email you every few days into your 2 weeks trial to make sure all is well and again before the trial ends so you can choose one of our three paid subscription plans including, (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) or our Free Plan.

You'll purchase the best plan for your organization and your current trial account will be upgraded automatically so that all your data integration settings and mapping is just as you left it, intact.  If you need some advice or just set up help then in just fifteen to thirty minutes, the experts at SyncApps can help you narrow down the right software integration for your organization. Book us for a Free or Paid Consultation today.
What does this "Reset Sync Process" button in my Sync Profile page do?

SyncApps always tries to sync only modified data between your software applications. This method is a best practice rather than trying to sync all data each time you run your SyncApps.

Let's face it sometimes the APIs of different software apps go down so you might not have your marketing Lists populated in time or you need to true up your CRM to your Marketing Automation solution.

If all of your data needs to be re-synced, at any time, please click on the "Reset Sync Process" button and during the next sync process all your data between your software applications will sync.

*Please note - you will not lose your previous settings in your Sync Profile.

Do you offer Nonprofit pricing?

YES! See other nonprofits who started on a trial and get your own 50% off all our pricing plans!

50% off all our pricing plans Pricing

Institutions include education, government, and nonprofit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

In your SyncApps account, this discount is automatically applied to all .org and .edu Trial emails in our system upon upgrade. Please note that the 50% discount is applied to subscription fees only. Add-Ons and Services Package fees are at their regular rates.

If you're an Institution with a different type of email just send our 24/7 team a note so we can get your SyncApps account updated for the 50% today.

Check out our other inquiries from nonprofits for upgrading and downgrading plans:



My nonprofit only sends out Mailchimp emails about 3 times a year. Could we subscribe to the $19/month for only those 3 months?

Or, if the 50% nonprofit discount applies to the $19/month rate, then we could afford to subscribe the full year.


Thanks and in your use case, might best try our Professional plan if using Salesforce when you need it.

Or our Basic plan if using another CRM.

Just subscribe when you need to send out an email then cancel and resubscribe the next time this year you all need to send out an email to your clients.

Super simple to do with our Upgrade/Downgrade tab in SyncApps.

You total plan per month to send email is only $24.99/month for Pro and $9.99/month for Basic so should work fine for your needs.

API Calls Exceeded using Salesforce for Mailchimp

Who: SyncApps Subscribers

Why: My SyncApps usually only takes 1500 Salesforce API calls, why has it now exceeded 15,000 API calls?

What: Wondering about exceeding Salesforce API call limits while trying to sync a Salesforce Campaign to a Mailchimp List/Group.

How: If using multiple Sync Profiles which use the same Mailchimp "Master List" then select all but 1 Sync Profile as one way sync and uncheck Sync Campaign Responses on all but 1 Sync Profile as well.

A SyncApps subscriber recently raised an issue about trying to sync a Salesforce Campaign to a Mailchimp List, however, the Salesforce API call limit was exceeded. With the Salesforce Campaign having roughly 300,000 email addresses, they thought it would only take 1500 API calls. However it turned out that it exceeded 15,000 API calls.

Behind this was the API calls to Salesforce from Mailchimp as both Leads and Contacts were checked for email addresses and cached by SyncApps. API calls to

15379 10 Dec 2016 17:56:00 DEBUG Todays API calls: {"data":{"salesforce":{"countToday":15379,"date":"2016-12-11"}}} 10 Dec 2016 17:56:04 ERROR

Error on sync: Exceeded request limit to API

Please try to rerun the sync within the next 24 hours to sync the remaining records.

Mailchimp for Salesforce Campaign integration best practices


When a Campaign is created in Salesforce and gets synced to Mailchimp, it creates a Group of the campaign members. BUT when any Mailchimp Email Campaign sent to the List or Group syncs back from Mailchimp to Salesforce, a new Salesforce Campaign gets created in Salesforce.

It is this new Salesforce Campaign where the campaign member metrics sync to not back to the original campaign synced from Salesforce which created the Mailchimp Group.

Mailchimp for Salesforce Campaign sync best practices and modes


“Campaign” is used differently in Mailchimp and in Salesforce. In Mailchimp, the term, “Campaign”, is an email while in Salesforce, “Campaign” is a defined group to which people can be added and removed based on marketing preference.

Attaching email metrics the original Salesforce Campaign doesn’t make integration sense so what SyncApps does is it creates a new special tracking Salesforce Campaign that just corresponds to the recipients of the Mailchimp Email Campaign.


There are 2 different features namely using Salesforce Campaigns as List (Mailchimp Group(s) integration) for segmentation (can use Salesforce Marketing list package) and Sync Mailchimp Campaign Response to Salesforce campaigns.

Since it is possible to create more than one Mailchimp Campaign for each Segment/Group, the former was decided to be created for each Mailchimp Campaign to store marketing metrics and is less confusing than the latter.

You can do this to test:

Create a Campaign and/or Salesforce Marketing list in Salesforce, which then there will be corresponding “Groups” in Mailchimp being created once synced via SyncApps.

You can also create a “Test” Salesforce Campaign including one person--your email--which will then create a Group with only 1 email record in Mailchimp. Do a test Mailchimp Email Campaign with the recipients in the Group of 1 (which is your email) that was created.

Then you are going to receive an email, open it, click or tap the link and check Mailchimp to see if it is showing your response. Run SyncApps (Sync Now). Voila, a new “Test” Campaign was created in Salesforce in which you were expecting to see one showing you as a member with your 1 open and 1 click.

Options: There are currently a few modes to sync back Campaign Metrics to Salesforce. (Campaign Response Sync Mode)

    Create a Salesforce campaign
  1. Create a Salesforce Campaign

  2. Create a Salesforce Note + attached HTML Template of Campaign

    This option will create a Campaign in Salesforce from your Marketing Automation solution with the Campaign Members in it together with the individual Campaign Metrics.

  3. Create a Salesforce Activity for each metric in an Email Campaign like open, click, link clicked, etc.

  4. This option is a combination of Option 1 and Option 2.

  5. Create a Salesforce Campaign and Activity for each metric in an email campaign like open, click, link clicked, etc.

  6. If using this option then no extra field placement is needed. We will sync back your Email Campaign(s) to Salesforce Notes and in addition, add an attachment of the Email sent to Leads and Contacts. (Designed for Financial Institutions, Insurance Agencies, Banks and others for compliance reasons and Only Available on Paid Plans)

Try the mode above that corresponds to the integration requirements needed by your company today!

Salesforce Campaigns from Mailchimp & reports


I have a few quick questions related to the Sync history of SyncApps & reporting.

We sent out a blast earlier this week to 2000+ recipients but only 1649 show as updated. Curious to know why the others didn’t update. Might require a dive into the data to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Perhaps they were leads that were added to Mailchimp before the sync tool was deployed?


The 1649 figure are email addresses retrieved from campaigns you selected: ABC Services, Contact Us Form, HR Services, ABCD Services, International, Not Defined, October 2012: Webinar Invitation, ABCDE Services, My Services, September 2012 E-mail Blast.

Please also note that email addresses in cleaned and unsubscribed list will not be synced in Mailchimp SyncApps. Also if the 2000+ recipients reside in Mailchimp then the numbers could not be compared because there might be contacts in Mailchimp that are not in the selected campaigns mentioned above.

Best Practice:

Syncing all leads instead of select campaigns solves many issues around SyncApps integration services.


Under certain specific leads within, I can see that several of the same (and some different) campaigns were mapped over. Any idea why? I can provide screenshots if need be.


For campaign response from Mailchimp, SyncApps will create a campaign in Salesforce for each Mailchimp campaign. If you check out Mailchimp you will see several campaigns with the same name which demonstrates this functionality.

Subscriber: How does report activity in terms of opens, clicks, bounces, etc.?


Currently, SyncApps tracks the number of clicks, opens, bounces for each record in campaigns. You will just need to put in the fields into the appropriate layout(s): Campaign Response setup: video (5 min setup)

How does the integration for Salesforce to Mailchimp work?

How to get started syncing Mailchimp and Salesforce.

2 Week Free Trial best practice:

Select 1 Campaign or Cazoomi Marketing List (Install needed in Salesforce) to sync over to your Email marketing platform, put a few Contacts or Leads into it, then you are all set up to tap "Sync Now". Test out new List membership feature for Mailchimp Group subscribers by adding/removing from a synced Cazoomi Marketing List to a Mailchimp Group.

Test out our Webhooks based List membership feature for Mailchimp Group subscribers by adding/removing from a synced Cazoomi Marketing List to a Mailchimp Group. They are automatically managed without any Sync Profile sync running as Webhooks create your real-time integration.

If you are using both Leads and Contacts be sure to have 2 Sync Profiles setup for both object types, Leads & Contacts.

Syncing Accounts with email addresses on them? Use Account Object as the sync type to test the integration.

In our Trials, our fully featured Enterprise plan with all the bells and whistles is used so you can see what is available and choose the plan once ready that meets your company's needs.

Trial Features:

  • Sync Accounts, Contacts and Leads to Mailchimp Lists and Groups.
  • Integrate List and Group membership automatically to CRM..
  • Create and update new Contacts, Leads via Mailchimp or CRM.
  • Sync Opt-outs automatically.
  • Custom Field Mapping between both systems.
  • Sync specific Salesforce Campaigns and Campaign Responses from Mailchimp to CRM.
  • Sync clicked URLs from Email Campaigns back to Salesforce.
  • Trigger Mailchimp Autoresponders from CRM field updates.
  • Sync and map hard bounces to CRM custom field.
  • Update CRM from Mailchimp contact update forms.
  • Salesforce always takes higher precedence over Mailchimp. Any contact and lead changes in Salesforce will always be synced to Mailchimp.
  • Contact and lead data is synced from Mailchimp only if the email address doesn't exist in Salesforce at the time of syncing.
Can I upgrade, downgrade or change my SyncApps plan at any time?


Whether you are in the midst of our 2 Weeks Free Trial or using our paid plans, you can change your Plan at any time by logging into your account to upgrade, cancel or change your plan.

If on a paid plan please log in to your Account and click on "My Account" to manage the subscription. If you need to cancel you can resubscribe anytime from your SyncApps Dashboard.

Refund Policy (SyncApps)

SyncApps are billed to your credit card or PayPal on a monthly or yearly basis. You can cancel the subscription at any time and you won't incur further charges, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred before cancellation.

SyncApps offers a Free 14-day trial on all SyncApps solutions. Your first charge will come after you sign up on our Paid plans. You will also be notified by email before your Free trial expires to move to a free or paid plan and will be provided the opportunity to cancel at that time after you are on a paid plan.

If you cancel after you are billed, no refund will be issued. You can cancel your subscription at any time by pressing "Cancel My Subscription" button on My Account page to make sure the subscription is Canceled.

It is SyncApps policy that customers cancel their accounts themselves. Emails, phone calls and/or voicemails are not an acceptable method of cancellation.

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Questions? Contact our 24/7 support team. Touch base with the SyncApps Experts, share ideas, and get answers to your SyncApps questions.
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