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Here at SyncApps, we strive to ensure that our subscribers have the most up-to-date and robust integration platform for their business needs.

Every quarter, our product development team rolls out new features and enhancements. With the SyncApps Features Announcement, we collect these added features, placing them in a single post.

With this, we hope to keep our valued subscribers informed about all our key features and product roadmap.

For Q3 of 2018, we have rolled out a wide variety of new features and enhancements and even a new powerful marketing automation integration. You can read more about it in detail on our Blog. In this webinar, I have listed down the top features/enhancements our Product Team has delivered for Q3. So without further ado, here are SyncApps Top Features & Enhancements for Q3 2018.

NEW SYNCAPPS – NetSuite to Drip Integration

The newest addition to our SyncApps list, our NetSuite to Drip integration is now available for your business. Developed to provide the needs of our subscribers, this new integration is in high demand for both small and large B2B and B2C businesses. Even Nonprofits are joining up in droves for Drip and NetSuite this year.

Your NetSuite Sales Team can now see what your Customers, Leads, and Prospects are buying, tapping on, or opening in targeted marketing emails send by your Marketing Team in Drip.

Major Features

  • Sync NetSuite Companies, Contacts, or Leads to Drip automatically;
  • Abandoned Card Prospects synced from NetSuite to Drip via Transaction Saved Searches to keep your marketing moving ahead;
  • Send Drip records to NetSuite based on Drip lifestyle stage;
  • Sync NetSuite Saved Searches (Contact, Customer, Transaction). Each Saved Search will be synced to a Drip Tag;
  • Automatically remove Drip Tags from records with our Full Sync Add-On capabilities;
  • Many more!

Try our newest integration today! Find out more about it here.

NetSuite Token Based Authentication

Token-based authentication (TBA) allows you to generate a secure, revocable, non-expiring tokens for integration. NetSuite recently rolled out TBA in their new API and is strongly recommended instead of traditional username and password because the end user credentials are never exposed and the password does not expire.

Benefits of using NetSuite Token Based Authentication

  • Can have up to 5 concurrent API requests;
  • No password expiration issues;
  • Two-Factor Authentication usage;

We have a detailed guide on how you can enable your NetSuite Token Based Authentication for your NetSuite integrations on our robust Help Center here.

Mailchimp GDPR Fields Bidirectional Mapping

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is the new regulation for a stronger data protection of European citizens. Compliance in GDPR is crucial as it gives you more control of your data — giving you more privacy and security.

With this feature, you will now have more control over your data before sending out an email campaign as GDPR compliancy feature is available in all our Mailchimp integrations.

Since Mailchimp opened its API and due to popular demand, SyncApps rolled out the support for GDPR compliancy which means GDPR fields are now mappable back to your CRM or even bidirectionally.

For instance, a subscriber has the right to choose whether or not they want to receive all the newsletters you send out. The subscriber has the option to choose and receive newsletters only if they fall on a specific topic they want.

SyncApps “No Limitation”

With this, SyncApps has rolled out our unlimited 2 Week Free Trial which is targeted at real-life large list integrations.

We have now removed all limitations for your SyncApps integration testing on all our Free Trials. This comes with the ability to sync an unlimited number of records and unlimited CRM Campaigns, List Views, Tags, Lists, and Saved Searches, just like our full plans, with our fully-packed Enterprise features on every Free Trial.

What’s Next

As we are nearing the end of 2018, stay tuned for more new features and enhancements that our Product Development Team has in store for 2019. New integrations are in the works as well for Financials and eCommerce, as some exciting enhancements in Support, Marketing, and CRM that we are sure will be helpful for your integration using SyncApps, the #1 Cloud Integration for business.

Our team is also around 24/7 if you need help in setting up your integration so just reach out to our support team. Also, you can schedule a dedicated phone call to help you set up your integration with one of our Sales Engineers.

Thanks again for checking in & hope you can join us LIVE next time. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog to get all our updates for your thriving business.

The SyncApps Software Team

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