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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Integrating Constant Contact Campaign Responses to Salesforce

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Walkthrough Wednesdays Series: Integrating Constant Contact Campaign Responses to Salesforce

Following the success of our Walkthrough Wednesdays Series launch starting with Salesforce to Constant Contact integration, we have continued with a brand new Walkthrough Wednesdays Series with the topic: Syncing Campaign Responses from Constant Contact to Salesforce.

Constant Contact to Salesforce Integration

Starting the series with one of our top integrations for Small Business to Larger Enterprises, SyncApps has been integrating Salesforce for Constant Contact for 1,000s of subscribers for nearly a decade now. See a replay on our Salesforce for Constant Contact Walkthrough Wednesdays Series here or read our blog.

Learn more about the integration here or, if on our Trial, see how 12 simple steps can get you started connecting Constant Contact for Salesforce to save you time and boost sales.

Integrating your Campaign Responses

Campaign Response is a way of recording the responses from your prospects or clients in an email marketing campaign. This records the opens, clicks, links clicked, and bounces. This SyncApps feature allows you to sync the Campaign Response data from your Marketing Automation solution to your CRM. Just a simple point and press to sync! See more solution-specific Campaign Responses here

For next week, a brand new Webinar will be up for our subscribers so stay tuned for more information! We hope to see you all again next time.

The SyncApps Software Team

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About the Speaker Joanna the CSR Joanna Abrea, CMO Cazoomi Joanna leads Cazoomi's marketing initiatives, strategizing and implementing engaging content for our subscribers. With deep domain knowledge using email marketing within both small & large organizations, she is excited to join the Customer Success team's Webinar Series this 2018.
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