6 Marketing Headaches You Can Solve with Salesforce
By Dax Granados in Blog Blog | 7 minute read

Despite having “sales” in the name, Salesforce is also a great marketing sidekick to any business.

Arguably the world’s most popular cloud-based services provider, Salesforce is responsible for powering hundreds of thousands – 150,000 to be exact – of small and big businesses.

Businesses that are looking to connect with customers are increasingly turning to customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Salesforce and the benefits they reap pretty much speak for themselves.

So, what exactly does Salesforce do?

Salesforce helps to bring together businesses and their respective customers by breaking down technology silos between departments. By doing so, employees in the various departments – sales, marketing, accounting, customer experience, share a single customer view.

This enables the organization to further enhance its relationship with its customers by getting a deeper understanding of their current needs and emerging trends.

o put the power of Salesforce into perspective, let’s take a look at how this must-have platform benefits different departments.

1. IT: Your tech team is able to innovate and build more effective applications that help to solve customers’ problems. They are also able to effectively automate mission-critical processes ultimately boosting productivity.

2. Sales: With Salesforce integration, data entry becomes so much easier leaving your sales and marketing teams to spend more time with customers. Especially when your Salesforce integration is powered by SyncApps!

3. Marketing: Lead generation and conversion is enhanced since your team is now able to tailor customer-centric messages that in turn deliver sales opportunities. Eighty-four percent of customers admit that the experience a business provides is as important as the products or services it sells, this is according to the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report.

4. Customer Experience: Salesforce has helped many businesses and their respective departments to deliver customer-first digital experiences by creating a platform where they can interact with customers across all channels.

It doesn’t stop there.

Salesforce has some super exciting features that are helping marketers out there build stronger brands by delivering killer, value-driven digital marketing campaigns all year round.

Top X Salesforce Marketing-Related Features You’ll Love

1. Email Marketing

This feature allows your marketing team to effectively use data from every department to build and deploy smarter, customer-focused email marketing campaigns.


Image Source: Salesforce

It doesn’t matter if it’s just basic marketing campaigns or sophisticated one-to-one messages, the Salesforce Email Studio is great for managing customer journeys at scale using data from different customer touch-points.

Want more out of your email marketing? Integrate Salesforce with your email automation platform like Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Constant Contact via SyncApps.

2. Mobile Messaging

This is a handy feature that will enable your email marketing team to reach your customers regardless of the mobile device they are using. Using the Salesforce Mobile Studio, your digital marketing team can confidently personalize the brand’s mobile messaging with SMS marketing, push notifications, and captivating group messages.


Image Source: Salesforce

With Mobile Studio you can effectively create customer-focused, highly-targeted mobile messages, personalize their overall experience throughout their purchase journey, enhance app engagement, and ultimately grow your audience.

3. Social Marketing

Social media is a growth driver for all businesses and brands. Due to evolving consumer trends, businesses are constantly looking for cost-effective digital solutions that will help them improve their social media efforts.

With the Salesforce Social Studio, businesses can listen, engage more, and, most importantly, unite marketing with sales and service over popular social media channels. Social Studio enables your digital marketing team to listen to relevant conversations, actively engage with the fan base, publish on the various social platforms and monitor interaction and engagement from one interface.

4. Digital Advertising

Customer experience is the new king of digital marketing. This is why businesses are spending a fortune on digital solutions that will enhance their customer service and ultimately position them as the go-to seller for their customers.

With the Salesforce Advertising Studio, businesses can integrate their digital advertising strategies with their respective marketing and CRM data to help them create personalized customer experiences.

5. Interaction Studio

Customer interaction is a crucial factor in any business. When customers consistently interact with your business or brand, your lead generation and conversion rates also rise significantly.


Image Source: Salesforce

The Salesforce Interaction Studio will enable your digital marketing team to make one-to-one engagement across all customer touch-points a reality. This way your team is able to deliver high-impact customer experiences as well as gather critical customer insights. Salesforce’s leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution also helps you to better understand each customer’s needs and wants at every touch-point.

6. Commerce Cloud

As digital commerce continues to gather momentum, pressure is now mounting on online businesses to build the necessary digital infrastructure so that they can compete effectively. Automation adoption is on the rise with businesses increasingly seeking cloud computing partners to help them secure a decent size of the eCommerce pie.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps online businesses launch fast, adapt quicker, remain agile, and start seeing higher ROI sooner. Commerce Cloud also helps businesses convert more customers with targeted and personalized buying experiences.

How to Get More out of Your Salesforce Subscription

Now that we have established that Salesforce is packed with value-adding marketing features that can help you to accelerate the growth of your business, it’s now time to dig deeper and highlight how you can get the best out of this CRM platform.

The best and most cost-effective way to get the best out of Salesforce is through integration. By integrating Salesforce with your other mission-critical solutions through a reputable, secure, and scalable integration platform, you will not only make life much easier for your marketing team (they will not have to manually handle critical data) but also significantly enhance your customer experience.

That’s not all. Your email marketing campaigns will never be the same again! The power of customization and targeting that comes with a tried-and-tested Salesforce integration is unmatched.

You might be thinking, “hang on, I can easily get integration solutions for cheap via AppExchange”. Well, yes you can. AppExchange offers plenty of free Salesforce integrations but honestly speaking, none of them live up to their expectations.

Most of these solutions do not offer the bare minimum such as customer support, software updates, and data security. There’s also very little you can actually do with them that can improve the overall experience as well as add value to your business.

Most of these solutions are completely free. And while free is always an attractive label, when we talk about digital solutions free means that no one has the motivation to maintain them, update them, or make sure they are reliable.

Integration solutions like SyncApps, on the other hand, are not mere add-ons. They are complete, reliable, and secure solutions that have an entire team behind them, complete with 24/7 support. This is why a dedicated integration platform lets your team concentrate on the sales side of the business while you can effortlessly take care of data syncing between Salesforce and other solutions. Mailchimp for Salesforce, NetSuite for Salesforce, Constant Contact for Salesforce are just a few of our most popular integrations for Salesforce.


Salesforce is a valuable partner for your business. It really doesn’t matter how new you are in your industry or if you have the IT capacity to deploy cloud computing infrastructure. The way Salesforce has been structured makes it super easy for startups to adopt and start creating and executing killer digital campaigns that ultimately improve their bottom line.

Salesforce has and continues to be instrumental to the success of many brands. This can be attributed to the myriad of features it offers, its ability to work with a wide range of automation and integration platforms, its ability to deliver industry-leading customer service management, and its ability to strengthen brands’ customer engagement efforts.

So, give your Salesforce that much-needed boost by pairing it with your marketing automation solution through a trusted integration partner like SyncApps to help you to consolidate all your customer information and enhance your team’s performance.

Integrate the Industry you are in today without IT knowledge and without spending a fortune!

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