6 Tips to Accelerate Your Lead Conversion Strategy

  • November 16, 2018|
  • 4 minute read
6 tips to accelerate your lead connversion strategy

Consumers visit various websites in an attempt to find a product that not only suits their needs but one that solves their problem.

When visitors input their email address into your newsletter subscription form or to download a white paper, they become a lead. You know they are interested in your products or services because they took the time to read one or more of your pages and offer you their email address in exchange for more information.

Now all that’s missing is for you to convert those leads into paying customers.

Lead conversion is the completion of the sale process by engaging the customer in purchasing any product or service from your site.

HubSpot research indicates that 90 percent of consumers visiting a website are not yet decided on what they want.

So, how can you speed up this process and convince your leads that what you’re selling is exactly what they need?

Here are our top six approaches to help convert your leads to sales.

1. Frequent Updates

Digital technology in lead conversion is increasingly becoming competitive. The technology trends and consumer needs are continually changing. Thus, it is essential to update your system and align it with the current trends to maximize your chance of lead conversion. Blog updates, new products added constantly, and new relevant content are all lead nurturing strategies that help accelerate the conversion process.

Also, ensure that you optimize your site for lead conversion.

2. Acquire the Right Lead Information

Getting the right info from your leads is a challenging task because you want to gain the most from the process without breaching the privacy of your potential consumers.

Make sure that your data collection forms don’t go overboard. For instance, do you really need their physical address to send them emails? The fewer details you require, the more likely you are to collect leads and then to convert them.

Today’s internet users are savvy, and they don’t want their privacy breached. Showing concern and compliance with GDPR and other similar regulations prove that you actually care for your potential customers.

3. Integrate Your CRM Database with the Marketing Automation Platform

The CRM system is an essential tool that stores, manages, and analyzes customer data for lead generation from different channels. Marketing automation applies software to execute marketing strategies for lead conversion.

Integration helps minimize operating costs and time used for lead generation and conversion. Integrating Salesforce to Constant Contact is a common approach to utilize leads to nurture good relations with customers and maximize the sales process.

4. Focus on Lead Quality over Quantity

Most businesses often end up losing their leads because they focus on quantity over quality. Thus, you end up with hundreds of leads with no real conversion possibility.

Why not get leads with a huge potential for conversion instead?

Aside from bringing in new customers, this approach also limits the amount of (useless) work your staff puts in to try and convert leads that aren’t a right match for your business.

Once you have identified the right type of lead, invest in nurturing it for a better conversion rate. Do not leave the conversion process unattended after acquiring a lead.

5. Engage Your Customers to Identify Their Preferred Communication Channels

Digitalization has provided us with a lot of great communications platform for businesses and consumers. There are several alternatives such as emails, social media, campaigns, and calls. Most companies often use a multi-channel approach mainly because consumers have varying communication preferences.

Come up with a brief question that is not nagging to establish the preferences of your consumers. It will boost your brand engagement and lead conversion rate by focusing on the right and accessible communication mediums.

6. Use Targeted Content for Lead Generation and Conversion

Content marketing plays a crucial role in lead generation and conversion. It provides a platform for you to communicate with your leads and prospects. Therefore, you need to invest in the right targeted content.

Start by understanding your potential buyers and customizing information. Consumers have different needs and are not likely to be attracted to general or generic content.

Do not focus on the number of shares and likes you get on social media. Focus on creating awareness about the product towards the latest buying needs. Research consumer behavior patterns. Borrow ideas from your competitors to gain insights into the current content trends that will increase your conversion rate.

With the above tips, your journey to building up a formidable lead conversion strategy will become much easier to execute, manage, and monitor. Do you have other valuable tips that have worked for you? Please tell us about them as well – we would love to hear from you.