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SyncApps rolls out a new Constant Contact for Salesforce Integration
  • July 10, 2018|
  • 2 minute read

After supporting the Constant Contact for Salesforce integration, Constant Contact has officially announced that they’re deprecating their Integration effective this July 11.

In line with this, be sure to join us in our Webinar Series on our best practices for integrating Constant Contact with Salesforce! Engage your prospects, clients, and partners in real-time with Constant Contact marketing automation connected to Salesforce CRM.

Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

Constant Contact is a popular Email Service Provider which has been offering an excellent email marketing platform for many years.  In August 2010, they proudly announced their release of a new Salesforce integration. It is simple to setup and use, making it easy for subscribers.  But after 8 years of supporting the application, Constant Contact has decided to retire their Salesforce integration. Thus, having their current subscribers in search of another integration platform between the two apps.

Salesforce for Constant Contact Integration with SyncApps

One of our top integrations, Salesforce for Constant Contact client onboarding is growing its number each day. More and more subscribers use SyncApps with our bi-directional data integration between the two apps.

Free for Life Plan
Our newest available plan for Constant Contact integrations, Free for Life Plan is the go-to plan for any basic integration needs.

Robust Features
SyncApps robust features Filtering and Segmentation are highly requested and implemented by our subscribers. Thousands of our subscribers have been using our powerful filtering feature to help them sync the specific records based on their criteria for years now. Filtering your records based on your set criteria and segmenting them into lists saves you tons of manual input time.  This enables you to focus on other important aspects to move your business forward.

Preparing for Next Stage of Growth with Constant Contact

SyncApps by Cazoomi is proud to be a key integration partner of choice for 10,000+ Constant Contact for Salesforce subscribers today!  With 7+ years in the integration business, SyncApps will be supporting our key partner, Constant Contact. We are equipped to onboard all Salesforce subscribers wanting true bi-directional data integration at small business prices.  With this, the Cazoomi team is preparing to accommodate and support the 1000s of Salesforce subscribers for the coming months.

We are looking forward to this year and beyond as all sorts of new integration features for Salesforce subscribers, so stay tuned. Try the new bidirectional Constant Contact for Salesforce integration today.

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