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Driving Customer Service Excellence through Integration
  • February 12, 2019|
  • 4 minute read
driving customer service excellence through integration

Satisfied customers tend to increase their engagement with the company, and they always come back.

Putting customers first and ensuring they get seamless experience are the things they’d love about your brand.

Great user experience is the best thing you could offer them.

This is where technology comes into play. It can help you deliver the kind of experience that stays with customers – in a good way.

It also offers your sales team and customer care agents the tools and data to increase customer interaction and capitalize on potential leads as the customer goes through the buying funnel.

There are so many systems, devices, and apps that can help your business collect data that help improve customer experience.

However, if these devices cannot communicate and share data, you could lose money, time and sales.

Integrating technologies helps companies deliver consistent and improved customer experiences. Here’s how:

Integration Makes Processes more Efficient and Improves Productivity

integaration makes processes more efficient ad improves productivity

With integration, you have all your data in one place. It’s easily accessible from multiple devices, organized and easily shared between teams and platforms.

Take Shopify, for example, it’s an e-commerce platform that allows business to sell their products and services. Customer accounts, inventories, and purchases are stored on one website.

Customers can easily access prices and pay via different modes. The products are automatically shipped to your customers.

Shopify can also integrate easily with other apps. Data on customers from various platforms are readily available and accessible. With it, you can:

  • Easily connect with your customers on social media
  • Offer customers loyalty programs, recommendations, reviews, and upsells
  • Get data to help you analyze customer behavior and sales data
  • Provide contact forms, quick feedback, and live chats with customers

Personalized and Consistent Customer Experience

personalized and consistent customer service

Failing to provide this will lead your customers to your competitor’s doorstep. 80 percent of consumers want to do business with companies offering personalized experiences.

Data collected through integration allows you to get personal with customers. For example, integrating Salesforce with other apps enable you to know and understand your customer. You know their needs, habits, patterns, and where to reach them. The data can show you which sites your customers come from and are more responsive.

Integration allows you to create a seamless and unified customer journey. From visiting your site, considering a purchase, purchasing, and remaining loyal.

Data collected allows you to make the customer’s connection to your website personal through consistent communication. You can view their past interaction with the company, and purchase history. With this, you can tailor messages targeted at the customer. It also allows you to send recommendations and targeted offers and ads.

Quicker Customer Support

quicker customer support

With integration, you can reach your customers through different platforms including email, social media, live chat, and phone.

A tool like Zoho offers omnichannel engagement. Customers can easily find you since you are available on various channels. These channels are connected so that you offer customers the best in customer service in any medium they contact you with.

You can instantly connect with new leads even on social media. This allows you to connect with the customer through meaningful interactions. Zoho also offers SalesSignals which provides real-time notifications about customer activity. For example, you can tell when a customer opens an email, when your company is mentioned on social media, or when you receive live chats on the website.

Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Email is now the most effective way to market to consumers. For every 1$ spent on email marketing, you get an average of $32 ROI.

Email meets customers’ expectations by enhancing the customers’ experience.

Using an automation tool allows you to personalize emails. These personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rate.

Email marketing also gives customers the option to receive a specific topic they would like to receive from you. This ensures that customers receive the right content. If they change their minds, they also have the option to opt out.

Contacting them is only when the content delivered enhances their experience. It should not be an opportunity to spam their emails.

Automation helps you determine what type of messages to send a particular customer and at what time. You can also ask for feedback, a sign that you care about the customer.

With integration, you can ensure that your customers get only the best. You remain engaged with them even after they have purchased a product or service from your site.

And with the ever-evolving customer needs, customer experience as an ongoing process. Always be on the lookout on how you can further improve your customer interaction. Integration provides you with the best, tried and tested solution to start with.

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