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Get Insights that Don Draper Never Dreamed of: Campaign Response Sync
  • March 05, 2021|
  • 6 minute read

Campaign Response

Remember when advertising and marketing consisted of TV, radio, and print ads in magazines? It was the “golden age” when being an “ad man” was new, fun, and exciting. Mad Men (the TV show) paints quite a glamorous picture of that era.

It feels like everyone thrived back then. However, if you zoom out, you’ll see that the companies who afforded the services of “mad men” were huge. The biggest on the market.


Because ads were expensive. Not everyone afforded 30 seconds in prime time or a spread in a glossy magazine. Small businesses? Forget it! The best they could hope for was flyers handed out by local kids.

It’s no wonder that when the internet became “a thing” everybody flocked to throw ad money at it. But it’s not just about the fact that the internet is more affordable. It’s mostly about measurable results.

When you pay top dollar for a spot during prime time, you know that it will be seen by a few million people. Pay a few million more and you could run your ad during the one event that rules them all: the Super Bowl.

But do you know what happens during the commercial breaks on Super Bowl? People get up to refill their soda cups, grab another beer, or get more chicken wings. Sure, there may be 5 million people watching the event, but how many of them will actually see your commercial?


The TV may be on, but this doesn’t mean there are people glued to their seats in front of it. To be honest, paying for a commercial to run during Super Bowl is more of a status symbol than an ROI-oriented campaign.

The same goes for any other TV, radio, or print ad. They’re costly to make and to broadcast, but incredibly hard to measure.

The internet changed all that. A simple email campaign or a PPC ad can give you more insights than Don Draper ever dreamed of:

  • Who clicked?
  • Which links did they click on?
  • How many times did they view the ad/email?
  • Did they buy something?
  • How many emails did it take them to make a purchase?
  • Are existing customers more prone to responding to your campaigns than nurtured leads?
  • Which leads are easiest to convert?
  • Where does your ideal customer live?
  • How much do they make?
  • Are they married?
  • What hobbies do they have?

I could go on forever with this and I’m pretty sure I could turn this into the longest bullet list ever. Because online marketing offers SO many insights that your job is not to scramble for information anymore but to make sure you don’t drown in it.

The last part is where integration comes into play. It’s nice to have all this information. But if you spend time analyzing every little piece, you’ll get contradictory results. And you’ll be shooting in the dark and going on your gut — like a modern Don Draper.

While there are plenty of reasons to envy Don Draper, this is not one of them. Integration can help you sift through campaign results and insights and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Better yet, if you use more than one marketing solution (and I bet you do!), like a CRM and a marketing automation tool, you can view the insights you need in both places with ZERO manual work. Yes, that means marketing campaigns on auto-pilot. And on steroids.

Here’s how:

What does Campaign Response mean?

Sync Campaign Response means that we will bring back unlimited marketing metrics to CRM from your marketing automation solution. We can even sync only the records with opens or clicks activity to allow lead nurturing in CRM.

You’ll know what they clicked on in your drip marketing campaigns, so you can truly personalize your nurturing campaigns.

Salesforce Campaingns

And now with Campaign Response, you can now Sync Marketing Automations open/click/bounce activities to multiple matching contacts in CRM.

Sync Marketing Automations open/click/bounce activities to multiple matching contacts in CRM

You can now Sync Campaign Response to all multiple records in Salesforce.

Salesforce Multiple Matching Email Address

See this blog for more information: Sync Constant Contact opens to multiple matching contacts in Salesforce

Email Marketing Campaigns are synced back to CRM every time a sync runs or 24 hours based on your sync schedule settings.

  • Constant Contact Event Campaigns (EventSpot)
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Metrics Only (no Campaign Members)
  • Navatar Marketing Initiatives
  • Notes
  • Activities

Need your email marketing campaign history synced in real-time?

Try our Pro or Enterprise plans today which meets this need or just press the “Sync Now” button on all plans to sync Campaign Response!

This Add-On is available on the Free Plan:

Let’s take a look for some use cases we have here:

Use case: Will it apply past campaign info to contacts or only transfer new items from that moment on?

SyncApps: SyncApps only capture within 30 days of Campaign Metrics upon using Campaign Response unless you get our Campaign Retrieval Add-On for 90 days, 180 days, or unlimited time, depending on what you need. The additional Campaign Response Retrieval is a separate one-time fee.

Unlimited Campaign Response Retrieval with Start Date Control

How often do you analyze old campaign reports to find insights for new ones? Not that often?
We recommend you start doing that — your campaign data can be a goldmine, but only if you leverage it properly. With SyncApps by Cazoomi, it’s super easy to do it!

You can now retrieve campaign response data that are as old as 180 days! Want even older data! No problem; you just need to configure it this way to select the relevant campaigns! Don’t let your new campaigns shoot in the dark. Make sure they are data-driven!

Here’s how it works: Add Campaign Response retrieval start date option like integration Start date. If you want to grab historical data that’s more than 180 days, you can configure it rather than sync ALL the Campaign responses.

It’s never been easier to focus on the data that matters without your birds-eye-view being obstructed by irrelevant information.

Add Campaign Response retrieval start date

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