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How eCommerce Thrives during the Pandemic and After it: Mailchimp for NetSuite Guide
  • January 11, 2021|
  • 4 minute read

Can anyone say 2020 was a good year? Probably not. Unless you’re an eCommerce owner. The eCommerce industry has beaten record after record, surpassing even the most optimistic predictions for 2020.

Traffic has soared so much that in June 2020, eCommerce platforms had peaks that beat the peak holiday season of 2019. DTC eCommerce brands have also been more in-demand than ever, with 52% of them seeing unprecedented rises.

While 80% of traditional retailers have experienced sales declines because of the pandemic, only 22% of e-tailers have seen a dip in their sales.

Of course, this prompted a huge spike in digital transitions for traditional retailers. Just like anyone else, retailers hastened to move their operations where their customers spent most of their time: online.

At SyncApps by Cazoomi, we’ve had a front-row to all these changes. We’ve seen a lot of new subscribers in the eCommerce industry and a lot of old subscribers upgrading their plans or reaching out to us and asking for help with their strategy and segmentation.


Because an exponential industry growth doesn’t mean you can sit back and see customers flocking to your virtual doors. There’s still a lot of work to be done, perhaps even more than before.

Pandemic-Induced Challenges in the eCommerce Industry

Yes, there are more customers for eCommerce retailers than before. Yes, even those who were wary of online orders pre-pandemic are now willing to pull out their credit cards and place an order.

But this doesn’t mean they’ll buy from just anyone.

The pandemic customer has more time to research and compare offers. It’s not like they’re planning a holiday anytime soon. More importantly: the pandemic may leave soon, but these research habits will stick around.

So: how does an eCommerce company cater to the well-informed customer?

Simple answer: they up their analysis and communication game.

Long-form answer: you need new tools to cater to a new breed of customers. Multi-channel insights and communication are the first layers of a customer-centric approach that can help an eCommerce business thrive even in the fiercest of competitive landscapes.

We were always happy to support eCommerce subscribers. But when the pandemic hit, we understood better than ever that without integration modern eCommerce is dead. No one has the time to analyze, migrate, and communicate by hand. Luckily, integration can automate all that.

Let’s take a look at the solutions our eCommerce subscribers rely on every day and at how they use them. You could use the inspiration, right?

Feature Highlights for eCommerce

Why do you need a solid integration solution for eCommerce? First of all, because there’s no other way to do marketing and sales in 2021 and beyond. Here are just a few of the perks our subscribers enjoy:

  • Track your eCommerce products and sales effectively without having to track down your colleagues.
  • Monitor customer activity such as conversions from multiple channels in real-time.
  • Put your business on auto-pilot through real-time integration and manage data flows between all of your software using our Sync Profile Hub™ solutions.

Make your life easier and your marketing more effective by pulling eCommerce data from NetSuite to Mailchimp to see total orders and ROI data on the Mailchimp Audience(s) marketed to daily.

That’s right! You can now see the ROI of EVERY email you send. This is how simple it all is:

If this person has been synced then the screen in Mailchimp should look like this below when on the individual subscriber record in Mailchimp:


Please note that the Sales Orders in NetSuite are not going to be tied to a Specific Mailchimp Campaign sent as this is a NetSuite API limitation today.

  • In SyncApps you can now sync Added Image and URL to your Mailchimp products. Yes, you can do this from a single dashboard, no more back and forth!


Do you know who understands the power of segmentation and that of easy-to-set marketing campaigns? Wholesalers! Meet our subscriber The Part Works Inc. who uses the Mailchimp and NetSuite eCommerce integration. Thanks to it, they can now:

segmentation and that of easy-to-set marketing campaigns

  • Sync all NetSuite Sales Orders, Products, and Customers from NetSuite to Mailchimp to analyze eCommerce metrics.
  • Sync Sales Order contains an item with a blank price “Voided item” for example Group item. SyncApps will ignore records with the blank price so that they will be synced to Mailchimp.
  • SyncApps will create a new store in Mailchimp if the name does not exist.

Want access to these features? Get it for free here!

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