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How Nonprofits integrate Primary Contact details per household to their connected Marketing Automation Software
  • October 28, 2020|
  • 4 minute read

Ever since SyncApps by Cazoomi was founded, we had one major goal in mind: to support organizations big and small with technology that was, until recently, only available to those with huge budgets. The list of organizations we absolutely love to support is topped by nonprofits and NGOs.


Because they do SUCH an important job. If we’re being fair, they manage to succeed where most governments drop the ball — in developed and underdeveloped countries as well. We didn’t look for anything in exchange when we offered free or heavily discounted integration packages for nonprofits. We just wanted to support missions and goals that help us all.

By the way, did you know UNICEF also started on a free trial with us? Why not do the same? Start for free, keep your free account for as long as you need (no limit here!) and when your organization grows you can enjoy our special offer for nonprofits: 50% discount on all packages!

But we did get something in return. We got so many inspirational clients! Nonprofit marketers are some of the most resourceful people in this industry (and we know a lot of them!). They can do so much with so little!

Allow me to illustrate with yet another example from our amazing subscribers in the nonprofits industry. Meet HSLDA, a nonprofit on an important mission: to make homeschooling better for everyone. If you could ever relate to this mission, now’s the time, right?

HSLDA uses Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack™). They use it like pros, this is why the native integration on AppExchange never cut it for them.

Are you using Salesforce NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack™) and you have several Contacts under each household yet only want to sync the Primary Contact’s details to be synced over to your Marketing Automation software?

By default, we only sync the Household’s first in the list Contact details and that will be created as a new record in your Marketing Automation software for targeted Campaigns. But what if you only want to sync the Primary Contact or ALL affiliated Contacts from your Household?

This is a common issue for nonprofits: sometimes you want to reach everyone in a household. Other times, you prefer to stick to a single address to avoid overcrowding an organization’s inbox.

Balance is key and the safest way to keep your most important donors and stakeholders close to your cause. In pandemic times, this balance is even more important. We all know how heavily hit by the pandemic NGOs were, so losing the few donors they still have is not an option.

Back to the HSLDA use case.

They reached out to our Support Team and wanted to only sync the Primary Contact details per household to their connected marketing automation software. After a week or two, we rolled out two features that will meet their integration requirements and also added another one that might also help our other subscribers as well.

We’re proud to say we were that fast! Told you we’re taking personalization very seriously. And we’re always stoked to help our subscribers bring their integration game to the next level.

These are the two features:

  • “Want to retrieve the Primary Contact only from an Account? Select this feature (Only works for Nonprofit Success Pack™)
  • Want to retrieve all affiliated Contacts from an Account? Select this feature

Want to retrieve all affiliated Contacts from an Account

The subscriber then enabled the “Want to retrieve the Primary Contact only from an Account” in Step 1 of the Sync Profile and went on to merrily sync only the contacts they wanted to sync.

Problem Solved!

Need more nonprofit marketing inspiration? Who doesn’t! Head on to our dedicated nonprofit industry page to find out a 100% FREE whitepaper you can download plus a lot of more inspirational subscriber stories.

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